March 23, 2008

Battlestar Marathon - Day 1

The Objective:

The long-awaited fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica premieres on the Sci-Fi channel on Friday, April 4th.

The Challenge:

We were behind on the storyline! Up until now we've only been able to Netflix seasons 1 through 2.5 on DVD. At long last, season 3 arrived on DVD (just a couple days ago) and I received it as a lovely birthday gift from ScottE.

The Mission:

Watch all 15 hours in just two weeks, which is hard to do when you're busy professionals preparing for an impending housewarming! And Joyous was in on this as well, as she's the one who got us hooked in the first place.

The Preparation:

First we rented from Netflix "The Story So Far" which was a little recap of everything we'd seen already. It was a good reminder of what has happened, although the video itself was odd - almost like someone had videotaped it off the TV? I felt sure it was pirated or something! But the disc looks legit, so whatever.

Day 1 Report:

Joyous came over at 10 a.m. We assembled our snacks, and ScottE had prepared a lasagna to keep our strength up. And thus, we settled in to watch the first 13 episodes. So much fun, even if it was a bit exhausting! The biggest debates of the day were whether or not we'd vote for Laura Roslin (most of the time, yes - but not when she's talking genocide of the Cylon race), the hair of Lucy Lawless (is it too Farrah Fawcett?), and whether or not Gaeta is gay (it's all in the name).

It's tough to pick my favorite episode so far, but I'll have to go with "Exodus, Part II." Of course a 2-parter has an edge, but it was hard not to get a little misty when the members of the resistance were finally rescued and back on Galactica. Topping it off with the revelation that Kacey was indeed part of a mindfrak on Starbuck was great.

But the best overall line is without question Tyrol saying that he would "dance around naked with porn magazines to defy them." Hott!

Next Steps:

We've still got seven episodes to go, which we'll be catching up on over the next week. We also will be watching "Razor," the special episode that was shown recently to get people geared up for season four which chronicles the backstory on what happened with Pegasus. That one is already sitting on the TV cabinet, courtesy of Netflix. Also I'll be spending way too much time looking through the BSG wiki...

Stay tuned for further updates, as we delve deeper into the lives of the 12 Colonies! In the meantime, I offer this photo, which explains part of the reason we love this show so much.


ScottE. said...

Awww...good times! 11 hours straight of Frakkin' this and that, Oh My Gods, and So Say We All...heaven!

Also, the other best quote..."until we find a hot fudge planet, the algae will have to do."

Tee hee!

joyous said...

I really liked the boxing episode too. It was hot when Chief beat the Admiral's butt. Not so hot when the Admiral beat the Chief's. Tell me when to come over and I'll be there to finish. And I'll help with the lasagna, too.