March 26, 2008

Newsflash - Britney doesn't suck!

Yes, it's true. Britney Spears appeared in this week's episode of TV's best comedy, How I Met Your Mother.

And she wasn't terrible! Granted, her line at the end about having sex doesn't exactly help her party girl image, but on the whole she was...not bad. (If you want to watch the full episode, just click on the link above.)

The episode is great regardless, capped off with the sweetest speed date of all time. Sarah Chalke just rocks! Could she possibly be the woman with the yellow umbrella?


Stef said...

You're right - she wasn't bad! And I'm really glad the brilliant minds behind HIMYM wisely made her the B-plot, so she could be funny but not the main focus. And what was the main focus? A delightfully sweet and fresh budding romance between Ted and Sarah Chalke, who was remarkably un-Elliott-like, in a very good way. I would be *thrilled* to have her end up being the Mother, even if it takes a while for her life to calm down and get back to Ted. At least a few more seasons of the show, right???

ScottE. said...

That speed dating sequence was the best part of the show and was totally sweet...why I love this show and why I will be the mother to Ted's kids.

The Kara said...

Unless she died her hair, she's not the girl with the yellow umbrella. They alluded to the Mom last week where I think he ran into her at a party and she was a brunette - I slowed it down a few times but couldn't make her out - damnit to hell!

Dancer in DC said...

There was also a brunette at the club (previous episode) that Ted bumped into on his way to the bar. My theory is it's her.