March 03, 2008

Oscar Ceremony Recap

Yes, I know the ceremony was a week ago - but I was living in an unwired wasteland!

Overall, I found this year's ceremony to be rather enjoyable, although it continues to run far too long. I say - more speeches, and ax most of the annoying montages! The only one people really care about is the memorial montage (which still left out several luminaries this year, including Joey Bishop). That being said, here are a few reasons that I was still happy to watch:

1. The strike was over! That seemed to allow everyone to relax and enjoy, and it also put more of a spotlight on the screenwriters this year.

2. Jon Stewart hits more than he misses. No argument that several jokes fell flat, but considering how little time there was for the writers to prepare, it's a miracle that it was funnier than According to Jim.

3. Pleasant surprises and upsets. I was thrilled to see Marion Cotillard walk away with Best Actress (and to be so effusive in her speech), doubly so because Julie Christie was wearing something most hideous. Sure, the technical awards usually go to blockbusters, but this year three of the big four went to The Bourne Ultimatum, which was actually an excellent film (unlike the completely forgettable Transformers).

4. Singers stole the show again. The Best Song category is such a wildcard (remember how nuts it was when Three 6 Mafia won?) and the performances of said songs are always spotty at best. This year was no exception in the performance area (Amy Adams - good, Kristin Chenoweth - not), but the winners were nothing but charm. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova gave a spine-tingling rendition of "Falling Slowly" and followed it up with warm speeches that left the audience smiling; especially when the producers gave Irglova the chance for a "do over" on her speech. Love them!

5. I rocked the Oscar pool - for once. Usually my picks are all over the map, and I'm lucky to get even half right. But to get 19 right, AND beat the prognosticators at Entertainment Weekly? I gotta be proud.

So what did you think of the show? Lots of fun, or too much Jack Nicholson?


ScottE. said...

With the Best Song and Best Actress going to the nominees I was most rooting for; I have to say I was pleased...otherwise I sucked royal butt.

Stef said...

I really enjoyed the ceremony this year, as it was lighter and looser than it has been in ages. Jon Stewart's opening monologue was great and he did the job of host all night pretty well, still giving me a few chuckles.

And I totally agree- Kristin Chenoweth sucked!!! Why didn't they let Amy Adams do that song wih all the fun dancers and stuff? I really like KC in Wicked, but *do not* let her star in Enchanted: The Musical.

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