March 19, 2008

Project Runway - a look back at the finale

I really didn't have much to say about the finale, which is why I haven't posted sooner. All in all, it was pretty fierce. And totally not a hot mess!

Of the 3 collections, my favorite would be Jillian's. I liked the uniformity of her idea, and that her clothes were very wearable. Also, she totally had Jaslene walking in her show!

But I did admire Christian's artistry. Yes, his work is over-the-top avant-garde, but it certainly leaves an impression. Throughout the season I went from loving him to hating him, and back to loving him. He was so happy to win, and that's cool.

Rami, on the other hand, was just all over the place. I'm not sure what he was trying to do with his collection there were certainly a few pieces that I liked a lot, though.

Now I'm throwing in this picture of Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum, as they just look cute and fabulous!

And if you haven't seen them online, Chris and Sweet P had some fabulous "decoy" shows. In fact, I thought Chris' was so good he could have won the whole thing! He also had a couple Top Model gals in his show - Danielle (cycle 6) and Bianca (cycle 9)!

So in closing, enjoy this clip if you haven't seen it, and let's hope the next season is just as fun!

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ScottE. said...

haven't seen chris' collection before...that first blue dress is stunning...very lovely and just edgy enough.