October 28, 2007

You're So Amazing

In case you hadn't heard, CBS swiftly canceled a really bad show. And as if that wasn't already good enough news, it also means they had an opening in their schedule. Waiting in the wings and ready to step into the limelight? The Amazing Race! (Yes, I'm excited. I got over the trauma of the horrific "All-Stars" season.)

You can go and check out the teams for season 12, and make your own pre-judgements. We have the usual suspects - potentially bickering couples, a parent/child team, siblings, a bitchy gay, and pretty blondes. But we also have an unusual Goth couple, scary-looking hair (TK - they're called scissors) and the first ever grandfather/grandson team! As if that weren't enough, we also have a lesbian couple that are both Episcopal clergy - which should be interesting considering all the recent controversy that church has faced concerning gay folk. Intriguing!

And there are more bizarre names in one place than I've seen in a long time. Wish me luck in having to type names like Hendekea and Vyxsin over and over!

And for you die-hard Race fans, check out Television Without Pity's analysis of what one recapper thinks are the 10 best episodes of all time. Ah, memories!


DC Food Blog said...

This seriously has got to be some of the best casting EVAH!!!!! They've minimized the number of dating/models/bartenders/servers and ave interesting pairings of Grandparent and grandson, Asian father and daughter (WOOO!) and lesbian Ministers! Seriously Jason, did the four of us cast this season?

Stef said...

That Goth couple is going to be interesting... want to imagine what they look like at 3 am with no shower for days?