October 01, 2007

Rounding Out Premiere Week

After watching Monday night's shows, here's how the rest of my TV week went.

On Tuesday we tried out the new CW show - Reaper. It was fun - a little bit quirky, with some laugh out loud moments. And how can you not love his schlubby best friend with a name like Sock? So we enjoyed it, and I plan to keep watching.

Wednesday after Top Model (which I'll write about later), I tried Private Practice. Was it great? No. But it wasn't bad either. I like enough of the actors well enough to give it a few more weeks to come into its own. It also helps that Paul Adelstein (who plays a nymphomaniac) is totally hot and was naked in the first five minutes of the show! (Yes, I'll wait while you go watch that part in slow-mo.)

And then there was Thursday. Rather than watch The Office premiere (I'm sorry, Jim and Pam - don't look at me that way!), I tried being loyal to Grey's Anatomy. Wrong move! The show has been going downhill for awhile, but the premiere was the end for me. Without Addison to be saucy, and without Burke to be stoic, everyone else wanders around with nothing to do. Izzy and George continue to be pathetic. Christina is a ghost of her former self. McDreamy and McSteamy say boring things to each other. And by making Callie the new chief resident, the Chief has neutered Bailey to the point that she can't even save the show.

Thus, I'm sad to say that I canceled my season pass to Grey's Anatomy. We broke up. It's over. No break-up sex, either. My loyalty on Thursdays now belongs to The Office, where it should be!

Stay tuned for the Top Model recap for this week! It's a good one!


Stef said...

I totally agree with you, Grey's has gone completely downhill. Thursday nights belong to 30 Rock and The Office for me. I can always watch Ugly Betty online over the weekend...

Blue Sunflower said...

I'm upset Reaper isn't on the Fall schedule, but Ostroff just gave an interview once again indicating the show is on the bottom of the totem pole in her book, since it's not the young female demographic. And the info that's come out about the the first episodes of th new season is way too interesting. We've been talking about it at our board.