October 04, 2007

The Best Book Ever

I'm just putting this out there - my favorite book of all time. So good that I read all 970 pages again recently and was thrilled all over again. It's called The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.

An epic novel set in the dark ages of England, it's a story interwoven with the narratives of five main characters. Tom, the visionary stonemason; William, the bloodthirsty knight; Aliena, the headstrong daughter of an earl; Jack, the relentlessly curious lad; and Phillip, the idealistic monk. They carry forward a tale that lasts for decades and follows the rise and fall of kings.

All of this is centered on the building of a cathedral. Sounds fascinating, no? OK, maybe not - but soon you'll be swept into cathedral architecture, and saying things like, "Ah yes, the clerestory. Of course."

And my timing is ideal, as Follett is about to release a sequel, 18 years later. It's called World Without End. I can't wait! Squeeee!!!!!!!!!!


DC Food Blog said...

I LUUUURVE this book. Amid all of the drama and intrigue, the core of the book is building a Cathedral.

Anonymous said...

This book is AWESOME!!!

ScottE. said...

J-lo had been telling me for years that it was his favorite book. Well, as with his other 'favorites' I was reluctant to read the book. WhenI finally did I tore through it. So satisfying and such a rewarding book. Can't wait for the next one...which is a sequel of sorts...the descendants of PILLARS, in the same town...but many many years later.

Bobaloo said...

Alright, it better be good. I just requested it from the library.

Dancer in DC said...

Ha! If you hate it, I'll pay you back, Bob. Oh wait... Well, you can steal my library card.