October 17, 2007

Virgin And Proud Of It

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

While you won't find great historic accuracy, and the plot is sometimes plodding, this is still a great movie. Why? Two words - Cate Blanchett. She is more than an actress - as Elizabeth, she's a force of nature. The movie compels us to meditate on the fact that for many years the most powerful leader in Europe was a master at diplomacy, overcame a powerful Spanish armada, and was a woman. A woman that was fallible, witty and inspirational.

Beyond that we get to enjoy looking at Clive Owen in all his yumminess. And of course the costumes and settings are stunning. Too bad that director Shekhar Kapur edits in a variety of shots where the camera is at bizarre angles. What value is there in a shot taken around a pillar where we see 80% pillar and only 20% Cate? (And just her nose, at that?)

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