October 19, 2007

Oh The Horror

Viva Laughlin, CBS's newest show is bad. Real bad. Like Britney's VMA performance bad. If this show were a smell, it would be dirty diapers mixed with limburger cheese. If it were a flavor, it would be capers dipped in maple syrup. If it were a photo, it would be Larry Craig with his pants around his ankles.

The premise? I honestly don't know. Something about a casino in Vegas trying to open. Some guy is running the show and has a daughter who's dating the vice-principal from Joan of Arcadia. One of his investors is dead. And the dead guy's husband is Melanie Griffith (perhaps he's better off this way). And somewhere in there is Hugh Jackman, apparently doing penance for punching an old lady in a former life.

And there is singing. Singing to popular songs. But not like lipsynching or even karaoke. No, this is singing directly over the original song. It happens spontaneously, and never makes sense.

I originally put my money on that caveman show to get cancelled first. But the croupier is giving me a second chance and I'm moving my bet to Viva Laughlin. Heck, it should have been canned based on the name alone!

If it were a sound, it would be Fran Drescher with a cold singing "Viva Las Vegas"...


ScottE. said...

Yeah...really wasn't impressed...maybe I had high hopes, having seen the Hugh on Broadway in BOY FROM OZ and was 100% blown away by his performance...this was sad.

Terri in WI said...

I'm a little biased when it comes to Hugh... but this was so bad! I wasn't too impressed with the promos, but watched 'cuz of Hugh. Ugh. Isn't he a producer of some sort for the show as well? What was he thinking?!? I predict CBS will try it in it's regular time slot this Sunday... then maybe they'll attempt to promo the hell outta it next week and have another go next Sunday... then that's it. It'll be gone before the 4th episode. Then Hugh can concentrate on that Wolverine movie that's supposed to be in the works. ;)

Stef said...

I read somewhere that the network delayed the premiere of this show this long specifically to have it AVOID being the first show axed of the year... alas, that plan may have backfired! Seems like the networks are waiting longer nowadays before cancelling, probably due to those live+7 ratings delays, but everything I'm reading about this show makes it sound like pure, unadulterated crap. Even though I haven't seen it, I'm joining you in your first-to-go prediction!