October 19, 2004

What I'm watching

(First let me say that I'm pissed because I'd typed 3/4 of this entry, only to have it closed because one of those stupid pop-ups locked up my computer when I tried to close it. Let me try this again...)

Perhaps you’re wondering what a man so critical of television does watch. Like I said, I watch a lot of TV. Here’s an idea of my usual prime-time schedule for the week:

- Nothing really, but I’ll sometimes catch Airline on A&E, or perhaps Real World/Road Rules Challenge (when I need something brainless).

- Hopefully CBS will put The Amazing Race back here when season 6 begins – it’s the best reality show on TV!

- A big new favorite in our house is Lost. It’s the one show that the SNU and I watch together without fail. I guess that makes it a “family show.”

- Even though they have declined in quality, I still feel compelled to watch Survivor and The Apprentice – mostly so I can keep up with my online friends! The only reason I watch Joey is for the scenes with Jennifer Coolidge. Will and Grace was lousy last season, but it’s showing signs of life (a pregnant Debra Messing was what killed it before). Once in awhile I’ll catch C.S.I. – usually in reruns.

- My favorite drama is Joan of Arcadia. I’ve seen every episode! What really pulls me in is the great acting (Mary Steenburgen, in particular), and the family dynamic on the show, which I think is so much more realistic than what’s usually on TV. Other shows I might catch are Reba, Hope and Faith, and What Not to Wear on TLC.

- Please, there’s no reason to be home on a Saturday night! And yet I am so often…but not watching any good TV. As far as I’m concerned it’s just killing time until Saturday Night Live starts.

- Of course I’ll watch The Simpsons when it’s on, and I still love King of the Hill. The must-see show is Desperate Housewives! It’s definite water cooler material with my girlfriends.

When I’m not watching all this, I usually watch reruns of Will and Grace on our local WB network, Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, Ellen (the talk show), and endless reruns of The Golden Girls and Designing Women on Lifetime. “Lifetime – television for women…and gay men.”


TsuKata said...

TARsday's back again...


(looks like TAR will be on Tuesdays...happily filling your slot there...)

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