May 05, 2006

Why didn't anyone make a truffle trifle?

Well in the past few weeks of Top Chef, there have been the highest of highs (sod off, Stephen) and the lowest of lows (poor Lee Anne). And we're down to the final 3. How can this work out well? Let's review the choices:

1. Harold - obviously a strong cook. But he's also arrogant, pompous and gets far too "woe is me" now and again. What's more important - being a great chef, or being able to sell your product with personality? Don't you need both?

2. Tiffani - again, a good cook most of the time. But she's also a stuck-up bitch, refuses to recognize her shortcomings and thinks she's the greatest thing ever. I've got news for you girl - your shit stinks just as bad as everyone else's.

3. David - good, rich flavors. But the man has a mental breakdown if his eggs are too fluffy. Did you see Like Water For Chocolate? Can you imagine the chef crying into your meal every time you go to his restaurant?

I already lost my bet, so now I guess I'm pulling for Dave, since he's the underdog. But Harold should probably win. Just don't let it be Tiffani!


ScottE. said...

My money is now on that we're down to the top three...but it will probably be a close call between him and "I'm a dyke, I'm not a dyke" Tiffani. Dave will cry regardless...if he does make it to the bottom two...he's going to sob! CRY LIKE A BABY...and Love it when people cry, but with him it's just so expected, it's not fun.

Em said...

I really was hoping to see Dave booted last week so that both Lee Ann and Tiffani could go to the finals. I think they are both strong contenders, as is Harold, but Lee Ann is more likeable. Dave's waterworks annoy the crap out of me (although I very much would have liked to taste his truffle macraroni). I think I'm with ScottE -- my money's on Harold for the win.

Stef said...

This is a tough choice. Lee Ann was my girl all the way. I'm torn between Harold and Tiffani. I think they're both good chefs, but they both have annoying personalities and they've both been snotty and slightly evil. I think I have to go with Tiffani, though, just cuz she never buddied up with that awful Stephen and Harold did.