May 05, 2006

If it weren't for Lost, ABC would suck!

Wow, I know I have a lot to catch up on. So prepare for a flurry of posts as we catch up on all the latest in television, movies and more!

To begin, it's time I flipped ABC the bird for a moment. Remember when I had a small diatribe about their treatment of Commander in Chief? Well now they just went and cancelled the whole thing. Idiots! And no more snappy Presidential fashions, either.

And this right after an episode that had us reeling because it focused on violent crime right here in Hyattsville. Certainly it's greatly exaggerated for fiction, but it was still interesting to watch.

Maybe I will send a letter to ABC. Tell them how taking a show off the air for weeks at a time and then change it to a stupid timeslot just because American Idol premiered.

Thank goodness I have other shows to love on ABC, so I don't have to stage an all-out boycott.

1 comment:

ScottE. said...

Boo Hiss! Shame ABC.