May 05, 2006

Speaking of Lost...

Quite the shocker this week, eh? I mean, I had a feeling Ana Lucia was not long for this world. And there's a rumor that Cynthia Watros (who plays Libby) has signed on for a new show. I just didn't think it would end like this?

Here's hoping for the return of Walt soon. Obviously he's the keystone to the show right now - what has our little psychic friend been up to? (Other than appearing at odd times soaked from head to toe...)

Also a word to the wise - if you're on Lost, you're female, and you're not married? Don't have sex! It means death!

(And in real life you might want to avoid drunk driving in Hawaii...)

1 comment:

Stef said...

ooooh, are those the mugshots?!?

A publicist's worst nightmare.