May 31, 2006

Grey matter

Now that you've had a little time and distance, are you ready for some discussion about Grey's Anatomy?

The finale started strong, but fizzled out a bit for my tastes. Still, it's a terrific show, and I shall dutifully follow it to Thursday nights this fall. (So much for yoga that night?) Why don't we check in on each of our main characters - shall we?

Meredith - Who will she choose? McDreamy or the Virile Vet? Well considering she screwed Derek, I think we know where this is going. Don't forget she forgot those black panties - $10 says it comes back to haunt her!

Derek - Speaking of which - what the hell IS his problem? If you're so clearly in love with Meredith, why lead on your wife? She cheated on you! Perfect opportunity to run for the border.

Addison - Oh, my dear Addison. I truly feel sorry for you. I suggest you dump McDrip (even if he is hot) and go sleep with the dog doctor (who is hotter).

Burke - Eek! Will he ever operate again? My assumption is yes, or what would happen to the show? This was actually a good finale for him, as it brought out all the qualities I love in him.

Christina - Meanwhile we have the world's worst girlfriend (well, 2nd after Meredith). Could she BE any more insensitive? Then again Burke should have realized long ago that she was just in it for the sex. Yang only wants what's good for Yang. And it ain't yin. *rimshot*

Izzy - Oh dear lord, what a mess. I have been over Dead-End Denny's storyline for weeks. Sure, he's hot as hell. But he also lies in a hospital bed all day which is MOST unsexy. Izzy went wacko, and I expect we'll be spending the whole next season watching her clean up her life.

Alex - All hail the King Asshole! C'mon, ya gotta love the jerk.

George - Hooray - he's in love with a woman! But boo - she's a bit crazy? Or is she? All I know is she's got big boobies, and his hair doesn't look like crap anymore.

Bailey - This girl needs some more screentime - stat! But you have to admit that her moment with the prom theme was priceless. Love her!

Chief - You can put on a big show, but we all know you're a big softy. But it was rather shocking to hear that his wife knew about the affair for years, don't you think? Well at least I was surprised.

Anxious to hear what y'all think. Coming up next, a discussion on Lost - how it ended, and what we have coming up in season 3!


Stef said...

Thanks for reminding me of all the grey matter!!!

I agree with you on most of your character comments. I'm so over McDreamy I almost kind of hate him. Big jerk. He's got great hair and face, but now I'll say his body is way too skinny and he's about number 4 on my list of the hottest guys on this show. Meredith = Blah and move on. Bailey kicks ass! I feel sorry for Addy but want her to stay on the show, cuz she's getting better and better. I love Burke and Yang, perfect in their imperfect relationship. George rocks, but I too think Callie may be a bit loco. I don't like how snippy and possessive she is. Do you think Izzy is staying around for season 3? I got the sense she might be gone. And hot jerk Alex.... well, unfortunately, you know he's just my type!

ScottE. said...

Meredith-if her name weren't the title of the show, I'd kick her off.
Derek-I think that's an anagram for asshole...somehow.
Addie-Love you...please stay...I like the idea of you hooking up with the virile vet.
Virile Vet-Mr. Chris, you're hot in this show, way to go.
Burke-he'll operate again
Yang-Loved seeing her so vulnerable
Izzy-she'll be back...or at least she won't be gone right away.
Alex-Dr. Vag! Tee hee. He's less of an ass than McDrip.
Georgie-I hate his hair like this, but I'm glad he's getting a piece of ass from Ms. Caliente! Love her.
Bailey-Give her and her va-jay-jay it's own show!
Chief-I like how he effed up Meredith's family. But outside of that, I he's ok. I like his wife!

DC Food Blog said...

Don't diss the 'Stina. I gotta stick by the golden sister. Actually though, I love 'Stina unabashedly. She was a sucky girlfriend but not because she's cold and dead inside like Katie Lee Joel. It's because she cares TOO much. I think it's totally paralyzing to see someone you truly love be in such harm. It's why surgeons don't operate on relatives. Boo Meredith and Derek. Anyone who turns down Chris O'Donnell is seriously effed in the head. While I love Addison and LURVE Bailey. When she talked about silver and black making dresses pop I was completely willing to switch sides and make her my fatasy significant other (the current on is John Corzine the Governor of New Jersey)