May 05, 2006

Dijeridoo's and don'ts

Well it was another non-elimination week on The Amazing Race, which was not surprising. But I won't say this week didn't have a few surprises. To whit:
  • Yolanda was hilarious! Whether it was her cracking a joke about black people not wading into a mess of crocodiles, or brushing off the advances of Jeremy, she had me rolling through the whole episode.
  • Eric & Jeremy sunk to new lows in the annals of TAR. Calling to cancel cab reservations another team made is just plain dirty pool. I'm surprised the rules of the show allow it.
  • Just when you think BJ & Tyler can't be more idiotic, BJ decides to race to the mat with no shoes. When they're nearly last. And they know a non-elimination leg is likely. So he has no shoes. Idiot!
So who will win the show? Sadly my money is on Eric & Jeremy, because they have what we call "the luck of the evil." But if there is justice in the world, Ray & Yolanda will pull it out.


ScottE. said...

I only watched part of the show, and got sooo annoyed at the couple that were yielded...they said something like that was just wrong to play like that...YOU KNOW FULL DAMN WELL that they planned to yield the what the eff is wrong?!?! You know they were going to do it. But since it happened to them, "it's not fair."

Whatever I hope you lose.

DaveBearIN said...

Yeah, Monica was majorly pissy and it was working my last nerve. I loved it when Joe told her it was time to start acting like a grown-up. Because, really, what's an appropriate comeback for that?

That said, the hippies (whom I love, even though they often lay it on a bit too thick) must have gotten hit with the stupid stick that ep, because:

#1) that is the stupidest way possible to use a Yield. Better to Yield one of the teams farther behind, to give yourself a better chance of finishing the leg in some other place than last.

(Plus, placing the Yield in a nonelimination leg is just stupid. The Yields are a pretty stupid method for injecting extra doses of unnecessary drama in the first place, but staging them in such a way that they have almost no strategic impact is just ridiculous.)

#2) the pointless rumor-mongering. Not the most brilliant bit of psy-ops ever conceived.

#3) the footrace to the end. Jason already observed the lack of shoes (which, in fairness, BJ might not have had time to slip on his shoes after stopping since he was driving) but even more clueless was the approach to the footbride. BJ starts scrambling over the rocks and such as though he's going to leap into the water, swim for it, then climb out the other side, then realizes that will take even longer and decides to actually use the bridge. Costly time to second-guess oneself.