May 28, 2006

Hey, it wasn't that amazing

So let's have a brief rundown of The Amazing Race season finale, shall we? WARNING - I'm going to be very opinionated and you might not agree with me. Comments are welcome!

1. Like several finales in the past, the teams managed to stay so close to each other that it really all came down to one challenge. That's right - 1 hour and 45 minutes of build-up that's all for naught. But you can't really blame the producers much for that.

2. The final challenge - knowing country flags. Really? Are you kidding me? It was almost as lame as the totem pole challenge that ended season 3. Boo! (And who knew the hardest one for them would be Russia?)

3. I was a little astounded to find out that I was hoping that BJ would screw up. Which means Eric & Jeremy would have won. I know! I was confused. I guess it was that I knew I wasn't really going to be happy either way. Which leads me to my next point...

4. What the heck was Ray & Yolanda's problem? Every time they'd leave at the same time, R & Y would end up behind. Bad map-reading? Asking for directions too many times? Who knows - their poor performance in the final leg will forever remain a mystery.

5. When the hippies won, was I the only one that thought BJ looked a little psychotic? Like he might have been having an out-of-body experience? Weird.

On the whole I found the finale to be rather dull and obviously I wasn't happy with how it ended. I've declared it the worst ending to a good season since the show started. Hopefully things will improve next season. You can do it CBS! Give us a good cast and good drama all the way to the end.

The good news? CBS has moved TAR to Sundays this fall. That will relieve a lot of my Wednesday night crunch, and considering Grey's Anatomy is moving also (to Thursdays), I had the night open anyway.

So we'll see each other this fall, when we all hope Phil will not be wearing an ugly sweater and pleated pants!


Stef said...

I missed this finale, and I'm okay with that. I pretty much gave up on TAR this year after they became whores for the Da Vinci Code. Here's hoping next season is better!

Brunette said...

I feel your pain - by the end of the episode I was actually rooting for the frat boys! I'm not sure exactly when BJ and Tyler started to get on my nerves, but TWOP sums it up well: you just can't reference your own "wide-eyed enthusiasm." That's a description that needs to be bestowed by others. (And you can't give yourself a nickname either. That's not how it works. Sorry MoJo!)

Rebecca, who loves the Race said...

I love the hippies, and I was delighted that they won. Yes, they got slightly less lovable as time went on, but their apparent love of the race (as viewers, too, I'm guessing based on their Bowling Moms shirts) made me happy. I'm also a sucker for people who LEARN KEY PHRASES in the languages of the countries they visit (sorry kids but shouting "DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?" at people doesn't cut it). They may have been overenthusiastic at times, but they were never ugly Americans.

And, in my book, any victory on the side of brains is ok by me. (Which is why I rooted for the dorky team until their elimination.)

Dancer in DC said...

Amen to that, Rebecca! I was pulling for the nerds all the way.