June 01, 2006

Get Lost...until the fall, anyway

The finale of Lost - an island full of mysteries. What have we learned? What has been solved? What's coming up? Here's a list of some of the salient points I found. As always, I'm open to hearing any new theories and ideas that y'all have!

- The island appears to have healing powers. Witness Locke walking, Rose is not dying, and now Sun is pregnant, presumably by Jin. If anyone starts fast-healing like Wolverine, I'm gonna be mighty suspicious.

- They are not, in fact, in purgatory. Myth...busted! The men speaking Portugese at the end calling Penelope pretty much confirmed that. Hopefully it will shut up that theory on the internet! (Side note - Penelope was the wife of Odysseus. Look that one up!)

- Do the Others even live on the island itself? Considering that the huts, their "hatch" and so forth are all fake (and they wear costumes), it's hard to figure out what is actually real about them.

- Will Michael and Walt be back? I sincerely hope so. In particular we need to learn why the Others found Walt to be "such a handful."

- Does the vaccine really do anything? I'm guessing it's just another mindfuck.

- Desmond, Locke, and Eko - are they alive? I'm guessing yes on all three counts. There are enough unresolved issues with them that I assume we'll see them all again.

- Why Jack, Kate and Sawyer? Just another opportunity to get them together for love triangle tension?

- The 4-toed statue - is it Homer Simpson? According to the producers there will be more of a focus on the lore of the island itself next season. So hopefully we'll find more about Black Rock, "Adam & Eve" and the Toe-Challenged Statue.

It was a great finale, and I will always love this show, and there is nothing you can say to convince me differently! Tee hee - enjoy. Help a friend and force them to watch the DVDs of season 1!


ScottE. said...


Can't wait for next season and it's new broadcast schedule.

Do you think the island might have played a role in A) bringing Charlie back to life after he was hung by Ethan? B) is actually magnifying/multiplying Walt's powers?

I'm so happy the purgatory myth was busted. The writers/producers have said that everything happening on the island is logical and has an legit explanation! So when it first started and we were all, the monster is a dinosaur, they said...shut up it is not!

The others off island is interesting...where did the little tug boat come from when they were on the pier?

I feel Michael is going to be back and do what he can to clear his name after the shit he pulled this season! And of course we'll find out more about Walt...when he gets his own flashback?!?!?

I think the boys in the hatch are alive and nothing really happened to them...no explosion...the hatch will still be there, jsut destroyed by the magnetism stuff.

Stef said...

Best. Show. Ever.

'Nuff said for now. But I know there will be theorizing all summer! :-)

DaveBear_IN said...

I suspect that the elctromagnetic whatziz was the basis for the island's healing powers, and that next season we'll start to see the sadder repercussions of using the failsafe to wipe out the anomoly.

More specifically, without the healing influence of the magnetic thing, we might see Rose relapse, Locke gradually lose his ability to walk, and so forth.

I hope I am wrong, because that would be a sad thing to happen to two characters I like, and might also be difficult cul-de-sac from a writing standpoint. But something tells me that the cost for using the failsafe will turn out to have been higher than anyone realizes at first.

Dancer in DC said...

Wow, I hadn't even considered that possibility! How terrible!