June 04, 2008

Who is THE MOLE?

In my world, I've seen a lot of reality TV. Much of it completely awful. Some of it a guilty pleasure. And then there are a few "cream of the crop" shows that took things to a whole other level. Project Runway is certainly one of them, and despite a few missteps so is The Amazing Race. And now we have the return of another - The Mole.

Now don't get me wrong - this is a show that has also had some hits and misses depending on the whims of network executives. The first season is a true classic, featuring a mole that few could have predicted, clever challenges, and that devilishly handsome host with the most, Anderson Cooper. The second season was also good and brought us a popular hero in Dorothy, but overall paled in comparison; the general opinion is the producers just picked a bad choice for the mole (Bill was totally predictable).

From there we had the celebrity mini-seasons. The first in Hawai'i was surprisingly good, with a clever mole and an even more clever winner in Kathy Griffin. But from there we descended into the constant antics of Corbin Bernsen and Steven Baldwin, which was boring for everyone (except maybe those two).

At long last the show has returned to it's "regular" format, featuring a dozen people trying to complete challenges and put money in the group pot, all the while trying to ferret out the identity of the saboteur in their midst. The new host is Jon Kelley whom I think is doing a fine job at explaining everything in a slightly ominous but tongue-in-cheek manner, without drawing too much attention to himself. Subtlety is a good thing in a reality show host.

Last night's premiere was pretty good. I liked starting with a slightly daredevil challenge and immediately identifying peoples' suspicions. We've also established a villain really quick, so you know you'll be seeing plenty of Nicole. So where do my own suspicions lie? I'll break it down thusly:

Least likely - Paul

I think his slightly arrogant guido attitude seems very genuine. I also don't see him having a chance at winning. Making a coalition with the first person to be eliminated is not a good indicator of intelligence.

Most likely - Kristen

I think Kristen has the right mix of intelligence, athleticism and cunning. She's nice without being too nice. Exactly what makes a good mole. (Ask Kathryn.)

The dark horse - Ali

On any other show, you can discount anyone that lists his/her profession as "model" or "bartender." But on this one, assumptions are dangerous. Keep an eye on this girl. She could be the mole, or she could be your winner.

So stay tuned each Monday evening - I know I will be watching! And stop by here for updates. You might also want to try the Fafarazzi game to see how well your "team" does each week. Here's my team!

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