June 24, 2008

New iPod Singles

One of the joys of the iTunes revolution is that one gets to sample music like a smorgasbord. Not sure if you want to buy a whole album yet? Just buy a song or two and take it for a test drive! It also opens you up to a world of new artists you might never have heard of or tried, but with the store's inventory you have a lot of choices. Here are 3 new artists for me and the songs I downloaded and have been enjoying.

Spotlight - Jennifer Hudson

Yeah, I know - I totally already had J-Hud on my iPod. But this is the first song of her own material, the first single off her new album. I'm not sure I'd pick this as the premiere song if I was her record label, but it hints at the power behind that voice. I consider this a decent appetizer to what should be a hearty main course.

Mercy - Duffy

Several of my co-workers have been talking about Duffy lately, and after sampling a few songs, I downloaded this ditty. It's a really catchy tune in the vein of Amy Winehouse - a movement I'd call retro-soul. Duffy by contrast is far more upbeat than Amy, and thus far doesn't seem to have the deep personal issues.

My Heart - Lizz Wright

I try to catch CBS Sunday Morning whenever I can - it's been a tradition in my family for years. One thing I've enjoyed recently are the music suggestions offered by Bill Flanagan. His tastes touch all musical genres, and he has a particular reverence for the classics. This past week he offered what he thought were the best CDs for this summer, and I immediately latched onto Lizz Wright. She's got a cool pop sound tinged with jazz - think India.Arie after she's had a mojito. This particular track is hard to get out of your head - check it out!

So those are my latest finds - what have you discovered lately? What am I not listening to that I should rush out and get ASAP?


The Kara said...

Great topic - I'm definitely going to take your music advice, J-Lo! I had a sneak preview of Duffy this weekend and loved the CD. I recently downloaded some of the new Weezer album - I know, weird, but I really like it - especially "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived". I also have downloaded a few comedy albums (I like to listen to them when I travel). If you feel so inclined, check out Mike Birbiglia - he's a riot.

Jack said...

Have you seen Celebrity Circus? Who thinks up this stuff? Strange I cannot seem to turn the channel...

joyous said...

I can't listen to Duffy because I think she sounds like Hansen. Not one of them individually, but the whole group. I have bad late 90's flashbacks.

Stef said...

I really like that "I Kissed a Girl" song. Good toe-tapper for the metro.