June 07, 2008

Marriage, Sex and Cosmopolitains

Sex and the City: The Movie

I'll put it right out there - I really liked the movie. Is it perfect? No. But for fans of the show it's great fun and brings back happy memories. You'll leave the theater anxious to go sip some Cosmos with your best girlfriends (and gay friends) while watching back episodes on DVD, deciding who amongst your group is a total Samantha.

The critics have been a bit hard on the movie - it's too long, it's too Carrie-focused, it celebrates materialism, too much time out of Manhattan. But I maintain that it's a good time and you'll have a ball. Thus I offer...

The Top 10 Reasons to See the SATC Movie!
10. It's a good time to giggle and frequently say, "Oh, CHARLOTTE..."

9. Have a debate with your friends as to who has aged more gracefully since the series first aired - the men or the women?

8. Outrageous fashion is always a good time to see even if you know you could never afford it.

7. You always want to know what Samantha's next sexual escapade is going to be.

6. Those eyebrows of Big's - you know you've been waiting to watch them arch.

5. Even though her character really could have been fleshed out more, Jennifer Hudson is still lovely. And the only Oscar winner in the film.

4. Hear Carrie intone just one more time, "I couldn't help but wonder..."

3. Miranda and Steve having sex. HOTT! (The second time.)

2. Tear up at Charlotte's unexpected (pun intended) news.

1. Brunch at the girls' favorite place - what could be better?

Enjoy, and if you're in the neighborhood, let's whip up some cocktails, and I can confess why I am sometimes too much of a Miranda!


Stef said...

I really liked it too! It was so nice to see the girls again.

joyous said...

I liked it enough, but I had a couple of big problems with it that kept me from loving it. I think I need to see it in a month when there isn't so much estrogen around to see if I like it better.

The Kara said...

I had very mixed feelings about it. Half the time I felt like it was a commercial for Starbucks, Beg Borrow or Steal, etc. And the other half of the time I wanted Jennifer Hudson to give her Oscar back - what is she doing in that movie?

Aside from that, I think Miranda had the best line in the movie which allows them to make fun of their own high fashion: "That was a bird in your hair? I thought it was feathers."

Stef said...

Kara, i totally agree on your first point. I was a bit distracted by all the Starbucks and Vitamin Water. I guess someone had to pay for all those threads!

DC Food Blog said...

I'm with Kara on it. I LOVED seeing the girls together and the way they each helped put Carrie back together after Big's jilting was amazing. Charlotte's fierceness, Miranda's love, and Samantha being "I will deal with the guests" was moving and funny. I loved Charlotte in this movie. She had less plot but more characterization and her "crisis" in Mexico was the funniest part of the movie. I did feel like having Steve cheat was forced. That and the fact that Miranda has been through a LOT. Why force THAT crisis on her? Also, why compare her offhand comment to Steve's infidelity? That felt cheap to me. Finally, the Carolina Herrera looked a LOT better than the Vivienne Westwood.

ScottE. said...