January 21, 2008

Amazing in Anchorage

At long last, The Amazing Race has come to an end. And for once, the finale had not a single team that was completely detestable. That was because shrieking harpy Jennifer and her not-cursing partner Nate were eliminated. On her birthday. Ha! I think it was payback for the dumbasses saying they were looking forward to eating "all that great Thai food" in Taiwan.

Thus we were left with 3 teams racing to the finale. Nate and his grandfather Don have been pretty cool, although a bit dull for my taste. But Don is the oldest person ever to complete the race, and that's impressive. They came in 3rd place, because Nate committed the age-old sin of not reading a clue properly in the final destination city of Anchorage.

Our runners-up were Ron & Christina. She's certainly been a trooper, putting up with her father's highly inappropriate browbeating for weeks. But it does appear (at least from the editing) that he got better once they left India, and maybe he really learned something about parenting. One would hope that when he's seen the broadcasts, he'll really come to understand how bad his behavior had been.

But our winners were TK & Rachel! Their good attitude and supportive partnership helped them survive a Speed Bump along the way (a fate that those loveable goths couldn't overcome) in the previous leg. And it was Rachel's calm and rational thinking that led her to solve a diabolic final puzzle, giving her team the edge to make it to the finish. After such a horrid "All-Stars" season, it was great to see the nice guys actually finish first. Considering I was fond of them even at the start of the race, it's a bit of a miracle!

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Stef said...

I was so happy with this ending! The finale challenges were all really interesting and crazy-hard, so this was a very hard-earned win. TK and Rachel did prove that sometimes nice guys win. :-)