June 18, 2008

Oh, that tricky Mole!

Well, The Mole has been up to his (or her) dirty tricks the last couple of weeks. It's debatable whether the players keep doing poorly due to incompetence, constant infighting, or devious subterfuge. Right now I'm chalking most of it up to the bickering. I remember back in the day that Kathryn was good at just letting the group implode on their own.

This week's double-elimination was quite a shocker for our players. Personally I think that when the host offers a bribe, you should smell a rat. Anywho, it was a shame to see even-tempered Ali go, as she was becoming quite likable. Of course she totally got the last laugh walking away with the cash and then watching an execution from the sidelines.

But I'm more than happy to see that pathetic loser (Bobby), go home. I hate to agree with Paul, but come on - that kid was pathetic! He gives us skinny guys a bad name. Even I can manage to WALK through a town. Yeesh.

Looking ahead, here's my latest round of predictions:

Least likely - Nicole

Paul is a close second, but I think at this point Nicole's "strategy" and attitude are completely transparent. I won't count her out to be smart enough to make it to the finals, though. (Paul, not so much.)

Most likely - Craig

Craig probably comes off as an unlikely candidate for The Mole, which is exactly why he could be the one. What I was really watching for this week was subtle sabotage or inside information. I think that he led Victoria into talking after the finish line, resulting in a disqualification that appeared to be her fault. Also his stumbling across the team's laundry was just a bit too convenient.

The dark horse - Kristen

I still think that Kristen is so good she's dangerous, but I was stymied trying to find any situation where she could have caused sabotage this week. Unless she was taking a break from her job... Still, I'm keeping my eye on her. She could be The Mole, but I think it's increasingly likely she could be our winner.

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ScottE. said...

I won't figure it out until the end...I'm not smart enough, but it's fun for the most part...except stupidhead guido being an ass...you don't have to make friends, but you don't have to be a flaming dick to everyone.