May 17, 2007

Hiro...I Am Your Father!

Well things certainly have been heating up on Heroes (no pun intended) as we approach the finale!

I admit that I hadn't picked up on the fact that the mutant "tracking system" was actually diminutive Molly. What will be more important to Matt - knowing he and his family are safe, or protecting the girl he once saved? (I don't care what anyone says - my boyfriend Matt looks sexy in this photo.)

And I know it was all nerd-tastic, but it was still very fun/cool to see Hiro playing swords with daddy George Takei. Takei looked so mean! But in real life he is actually very sweet and very funny. Oh, and did you know that Masi Oka (who plays Hiro) writes his own Japanese translation?

Meanwhile the Niki/Ikin saga came to a pinnacle, as Niki finally exerted control. How bad-ass was it when D.L. took out Linderman? THAT was unexpected and awesome. And surprisingly I don't want to see D.L. kick it. And it's actually a shame to see Linderman go, now that he got all nice/manipulative by healing Nathan's wife.

Speaking of the Vegas duo, I also didn't see it coming that they were planning on using Micah to fix the election. Clever!

Poor Ted. Poor radioactive Ted. At least he has his anger under control now.

So what do you say, Claire? Ready to save the world?

The finale is on its way! Can the heroes stop the big boom?

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