May 03, 2007

Help Me Settle This

For those that enjoyed Philip Pullman's book The Golden Compass and are looking forward to the upcoming film, you'll really enjoy the website they've put together.

One of the features is a personality test that helps you determine the identity and form of your daemon (an animal that is the physical embodiment of your spirit).

Mine isn't quite settled yet, and I need your help! Check out the graphic below to take a 5-question quiz to help me determine her final form:


The Kara said...

Yeah, I came up with a different one for you. They said they're going to send you something... but I do like the monkey!

ScottE. said...

I got a little bobcat linxy thing for you

joyous said...

I got the bobcat thingy too.

Bobaloo said...

I made it a mouse/rat. :eek: Of course I don't really know you FTF. Learning your (presumably) real first name is a mindblower for me, also. :)

Dancer in DC said...

It's fun to see her keep changing!

When I first took the test before I messed it up, it also came back as a mouse, so perhaps that's what she'll settle into for her final form.