May 03, 2007

Give My Regards To Broadway

It's been awhile, but I wanted to catch you up on the latest shows that ScottE and I caught during our most recent trip to NYC, where we visited The Kara. If you'd like to read about our amazing food adventure to a Harlem landmark, check out ScottE's post.

First off, we went to see Terrence McNally's new play, Some Men at Second Stage Theatre. The play is a series of vignettes that chronicle the progression of love in gay male relationships for the past several decades. As you might imagine, some of the scenes worked better than others. The best were a scene about chat rooms and a group therapy session. The cast was all good, but playwright David Greenspan excelled as the bitter old queen full of pity one-liners. The best line of the show came from a man in a piano bar. He was lamenting that with gay men, the first affliction of old age is "show tune senility." It's so true!

The following evening, The Kara and I went to go see Spring Awakening. I'd been dying to see it, as I had fallen in love with the soundtrack. (You may have noticed from the ubiquitous sidebar on my blog.) It was really an amazing evening. The performance was so raw and present. And when you consider the average age of the performers...let's just say I have great hope for the future of Broadway. It's definitely a must-see show, so check it out!

Meanwhile, ScottE saw the play Talk Radio. He wasn't crazy about the script, but it starred Liev Schreiber. And let's be honest - that's all you need for a night's entertainment! If you'd like to hear more about it, I know he'd be happy to fill you in on the details.

All in all, an amazing weekend, which was a belated birthday gift to me. Yay for me!


The Kara said...

Melchior Gabor, tell them about the choreography!!! That was one of my favorite parts :)

In other news, just saw LEGALLY BLONDE and it's TOTALLY cute. ScottE, it kinda reminds me of HAIRSPRAY in that it's big, fluffy and lovely filled with fun jokes and lots of glitzy musical numbers. Why don't you guys just move up here already?!

Also, J-Lo, the Tribecca Film Festival is in town and they're showing a documentary about The Gates. I'm not sure when it will be coming to a theatre near you, but keep an eye out. Always nice to have my 2 favorite gents in town!

ScottE. said...

TALK RADIO...I really don't care for the play. Saw it many years ago and it just didn't connect to me in anyway. Liev really was able to grab that play by the nuts and squeeze. He was incredible! Still don't think it's a great play.

THE KARA: That sounds fun. Let me hop on my jet and head up. And THE GATES...wahoo. That was a great trip!