March 10, 2007

Getting Lost Again

Remember the first couple seasons of Lost? How they were cool and exciting, and there were big mysteries? And the plot moved forward and you could hardly wait for the next eipsode?

Yeah, it was a long time ago.

Since then we've suffered through overly-drawn out subplots (enough with the bear cages, already), a lack of development for some characters (remember how there was this woman who had a baby?), and one episode so horribly bad we should never speak of it again (one word - tattoos).

Fortunately, it looks like we are FINALLY back in the swing of things. With a few good episodes gearing up recently (those for Juliet and Desmond), this week's episode focusing on Sayid felt like the good ol' days. New questions, plot movement, and an "Oooo!" moment at the end.

My burning questions:

1. Wait, Ms. Klugh could speak Russian? And why would she sacrifice her life?

2. Is it odd that Sayid always seems to be super-smart?

3. Is it odd that Locke always seems to be super-dumb when he follows his "instincts" on blind faith?

4. When, oh when, will we be rid of the dumdum twins?

1 comment:

Stef said...

I like the idea that there's an episode we shall never speak of again. Like if we ever have to refer to the horrible, horrible pain of it again, we can just say, "You know, that one." Like it's the Voldemort of LOST episodes. :-)

I have to say that Carlton and Damon's promises are working out pretty well so far over the last few weeks. They keep promising that we will all feel differently about the dumdum twins after they finally have their episode in the sun. But patience is wearing very thin. Unless they die the most splendour-rific Smokey death ever, or one of them actually TURNS INTO Smokey and becomes a big bad a la Buffy or something, there's going to be very little that we'll all consider satisfying.