March 01, 2007

Top 10 Movies of 2006

Inspired by another blogger, I decided I was past due to present my favorites for 2006. And perhaps this will help me recover a bit from the Oscars! Keep in mind my list is more about what I found entertaining - I don't necessarily think these would be Oscar-material.

10. Casino Royale

As a long-time James Bond fan, I was naturally skeptical to see a new man step up to the plate (blond with a smooth chest, no less). But I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only was Daniel Craig good, but that the movie itself was pure entertainment.

9. Shut Up and Sing

You don't have to be a Dixie Chicks fan to enjoy this film, although being liberal certainly helps. Some might have seen the movie as a long commercial for the Chicks. I saw it as an inside perspective in how a group of women rebuild a thriving career after being labeled pariahs.

8. V for Vendetta

Sometimes you just have to listen to your friends - they can turn you onto something great. This was the case for me with V. I was shocked to bring home such a treasure at the video store, and I regret not seeing this strongly visual story on the big screen.

7. Thank You for Smoking

Aaron Eckhart = sexy. Aaron Eckhart lying to your face and manipulating your thoughts = sexier. This movie was great fun and exposed the layers of hypocrisy that exist in our government.

6. The Devil Wears Prada

Was it the perfect movie? No. But Prada was full of delicious dish on the fashion industry, and an exquisite performance from Meryl Streep. Throw in buckets of hot outfits, and you've got a great evening's entertainment.

5. Notes on a Scandal

Somewhere a casting director earned a year's salary with the decision to pit Judi Dench against Cate Blanchett in a domestic drama with a very dark side. Gay men everywhere rejoiced.

4. The Queen

Maybe we can't all feel like a queen for a day, but we got some insight into what it might be like courtesy of Helen Mirren. It was the little things that mad this movie shine - Elizabeth turned away from the camera as she wept alone, or a young girl holding flowers for someone unexpected.

3. Volver

Pedro Almodovar came back to a favorite muse and turned Penelope Cruz into the leading lady she always should have been. Thank you, Pedro, for giving us such a riveting celebration of women.

2. Dreamgirls

Chicago was amazing, but it took this Motown-inspired musical to send me over the top. Jennifer Hudson was a wonder, the costumes dazzled, and the music inspired. It was very nearly the perfect movie for me.

1. Children of Men

The only film I felt that surpassed my love for Dreamgirls was the complete opposite - a bleak and terrifying portrayal of a dystopian future based on a novel I really enjoyed. Clive Owen is hot, to be sure. But it was all about the environment, the camera work, the editing and the pacing. A triumph that premiered too late to receive the accolades that it deserved.

So that's my list - what's yours?


Stef said...

Oooh, interesting! I just did a quick list myself, limiting it to movies I actually saw in the theater in calendar year 2006. So 2006 movies that I saw in 2007 (like Children of Men, Notes on a Scandal and Pan's Labyrinth) don't count.

Here goes, in no particular order:

1. Thank You for Smoking
2. Inside Man
3. The Departed
4. Little Miss Sunshine
5. Devil Wears Prada
6. An Inconvenient Truth
7. Blood Diamond
8. Borat
9. Stranger Than Fiction
10. Prairie Home Companion

ScottE. said...

Good choices J-lo! I'm not sure there are any missing.

The Kara said...

Tragically, I don't go to the movies often enough to have a list... but if I were going to make an entertainment list it would be:
1. Spring Awakening
2. The Office
3. Little Miss Sunhine
4. Seeing the guy who played the brother from MATCHPOINT on the subway tonight... HOT!... but too skinny for me (I looked oh so attractive in my 'I can't believe it's rain' wear, so I'm sure he was totally checking me out and thinking of ditching the cute blonde he was with).
5. The Sopranos - watching 5 seasons consecutively
6. Slings and Arrows on tv
7. The Matador - I saw it on pay per view and was pleasantly surprised - I love myself some Pearce Brosnan and Greg K. should thank his agent DAILY
8. Touch the Sky by Kanye West :)
9. How I Met Your Mother (try it, you might like it)
10. My cat - she's mighty entertaining

ScottE. said...

Kara: We watch How I Met Your Mother...TIVO is finally reminding us it's on so we dont' miss it...silly fun!