February 27, 2007

Snoozefest 2007

Oh what have they done to my beloved Oscar telecast? They have ruined it, I tell you!

This year was just unbelievably long, mostly dull, and full of too many unpleasant surprises. It wasn't all bad, though. Certainly many moments to celebrate. And despite the sometimes agony that ScottE, Joyous and I were going through, I found some hilarious people on EW's live blogging page to snark with.

So let me proceed with my thoughts on this year's show.

The Fashion

I don't know if all the ladies were afraid to try something daring, or they thought what they chose actually could be called daring. By the end of the red carpet, I was so ready for Top Model to premiere so I can really see some pretty girls workin' it!

Best dressed by a long shot for me was Kate Winslet. She was divine in a simple and elegant Valentino in mint green. I'm telling you, ladies - you can't go wrong in Valentino.

Honorable mentions go to Cate Blanchett for her interesting metallic number, and to Emily Blunt in a midnight blue strapless dress. And how about a shout-out for Diane Keaton? Not only was she not wearing a man's suit with gloves, she looked great!

Worst dressed? Eva Green from Casino Royale. Her dress looked like saran wrap, and her makeup looks like it was designed by Tammy Faye's goth child. Runners-up for this dubious distinction go to Nicole Kidman (I did not want to unwrap that present) and Penelope Cruz (for wearing a nude-colored ostrich to keep her legs warm).

Split decision on Gwyneth Paltrow. I think her dress would have been great had it been in a bold color, like purple or emerald green. The coral just wasn't working for me.

As for the men, I was partial to Djimon Hounsou, who stepped outside the box in a dark chocolate tuxedo. Yum!

Worst dressed? Phillip Seymour Hoffman. There was nothing wrong with his tux, per se - but comb your hair, man - it's the Oscars!

Split decision on Clive Owen's shirt - no collar...odd.

The saddest of all was seeing Jennifer Hudson wearing a perfectly lovely dress ruined by...a shrug? Bolero jacket? Whatever that thing was, thank heaven she ditched it when she got inside the theater.

The Production

The opening montage of nominees was very clever and enjoyable. What a great way to get faces (both famous and not) out there for us to enjoy.

Ellen as a host? Not my favorite. Which pains me to say. I love her, but it just didn't work as a whole. She had some brilliant moments (the picture with Clint - hilarious), but others just fell flat (the vacuum?). I'm glad she got to live her dream, but I fear her career as Oscar host is going to be very brief.

Please put an end to the clip montages! Can I lobby my congressmen about this? All they do is drag out an already long show (which really needs to start earlier to begin with), and remind us that in the past there were a helluva lot of better movies than we get today.

Pilobolus, I think you're a great dance company. But this was just bizarre. With the exception of Snakes on a Plane - it was painful.

Someone shoot Chris Connelly backstage, seriously.

Best presenters of the night were Abigail Breslin and Jaden Smith. So cute, and so funny. Put them in a movie together!

Loved the Jack Black song - saying Helen Mirren is hot is so 2007! (And blessedly, she has the type of sense of humor where she got the joke and embraced it.) Also really liked the bit with the Prada women. Hee!

Far too late into the evening, we finally got to see the Dreamgirls song montage. It was great, but damn if my best friend Anika Noni Rose didn't steal the show both with those pipes and that dress!

Don't get me started on Celine!

The Awards

On the plus side, I'm thrilled to see Jennifer Hudson and Helen Mirren toting golden statuettes. Two short films I loved also won (West Bank Story and The Danish Poet).

And how about the night of Al Gore? He was not only polished and witty, but his film won both awards it was up for. Awesome.

Speaking of which, although I was bitter that Dreamgirls only won one award all night and lost Best Original Song, at least it went to the wonderful Melissa Etheridge. She got to kiss her woman on international TV!

Beyond that I was pretty bitter. Wasn't happy to see Eddie Murphy lose. VERY unhappy to see The Departed win so much.

And as for my picks, let's not discuss it. Ugh.

At the very late hour the show ended, I was so ready for bed. Thank goodness I have Heroes to entertain me tonight!

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