November 19, 2006

Why Lost is Still Awesome

I'm certainly not the only person that has expressed the opinion that Lost seems to be slipping a little bit this season. A lot more mystery, and not nearly enough exposition. And for those of us who are less enchanted with the Sawyer-Kate-Jack love triangle, it's been a bit much on "Alcatraz." Not to mention those new characters The Dum-Dum Duo ("Is Eko dead?") Oh, and it annoys me to no end that the Official Lost Podcast hasn't appeared in weeks. Still, I confess there are 5 reasons...

Why Lost is Still Awesome

1. Great characters we know and love. We can still enjoy the complex relationship of Jin and Sun. We enjoy the antics and angst of Hurley. And we have our fantasies about how Claire will smother Charlie in his sleep.

2. Desmond - new, improved and even stranger!

3. Juliet is the best new character on the show since the introduction of not-Henry last season. Best moment of the season so far was her INXS-inspired plea to Jack. She's an enigma but incredibly appealing. Love!

4. Michael is not around whining about Walt. Granted, I'd like them both to come back. But still.

5. Even at its worst, this show is better than 70% of what's on TV today. I believe that our patience will be rewarded.


The Kara said...

I'm also down with Ben (Not Henry). He creeps me out and I like it. There was a while there where I was wondering if they were making him wear creepy contacts for his pupils to be dialated... THAT's how closely I was watching him - lol!

Anonymous said...

I love you, dear, but that was a Dylan-inspired moment. INXS did an homage to it in their heyday, but that scene was all Bob Dylan. I believe they even had his "Subterranean Homesick Blues" playing in the background. (I didn't catch the music, but it was mentioned on several blogs that people id'ed it.)

But I agree with all of your comments here - and I even snorted a bit trying to picture Claire smothering Charlie. Ah, if only they could take out those horrible newbies too!