November 26, 2006

Four films

I know it's long overdue - time for some movie reviews! With the glut of new films hitting theaters for Thanksgiving, we've been pretty busy lately. So here's my snapshot judgements on four that we've seen recently.

The Queen

This is a very well-done film about the internal royal drama that surfaced during the week that Princess Diana was killed. What to know what was happening behind-the-scenes with the Queen and the Prime Minister? Here you can get a glimpse of that. The centerpiece and star performance is Helen Mirren, who astounds as always. I smell Oscar! (Also fun are the drunken Queen Mum, and Prince Phillip's obsession with fresh air.)

For Your Consideration

The latest of Christopher Guest's semi-improvised films, this one focuses on how Oscar buzz is born, and giving it the full satiric treatment. It's not his best (Best In Show will likely hold that title for ages), but it's still very funny. Catherine O'Hara is amazing, Jennifer Coolidge delivers some of her signature zingers, and Jane Lynch makes you laugh just by standing there (seriously).

The Fountain

This is my first movie by Darren Aronofsky, and apparently it's his most "artsy" from what I've read. I can certainly agree in that I really have no idea what it was about - perhaps that we shouldn't fear death? What I do know is that Hugh Jackman is a great actor, and the film itself is certainly beautiful. If you like shiny pretty things, this might be for you.

Shut Up & Sing

Not a fan of the Dixie Chicks? You don't need to be in order to be engrossed by this documentary. It all started with a few words at a London concert, and three years later the group is experiencing rebirth. What's wonderful is that the movie is more than just an examination of one moment - it delves deep into the lives of all three women, their families and their management. I admit it, I was dying to hear their album when the movie was over. Not because it's a piece of promotion - but because I believe in the power of free speech. [Caveat - any George Bush fans out there might be better off skipping this one.]


ScottE. said...

The Queen was awesome. Best of the bunch.

Shut Up & Sing was totally satisfying. On many levels. And the theatre seemed to be sold out...with the most annoying person ever. I wanted to smack him. He arrives late and makes about 10 people move down a few seats so his group can be together. As he slides into the exact middle of the row he says 'jokingly' "I'm going to be back out in the middle. Small Bladder." Well sure as shit he did...after climbing over me he leaves...then comes back with soda and popcorn...and nearly dumps it all on poor little man next to me. Ugh. And don't try to make friends with people around you at the theatre...we're there to see a movie, not talk to your loud ass mouth.

Ooops, was that outloud?

For Your Consideration was good. Jane Lynch and Jennifer Coolidge rock.

The Fountain. I don't get it?

Anonymous said...

I really want to see all of these except maybe The Fountain. I saw Stranger than Fiction this weekend, which was surprisingly sweet. It's directed by the guy who did "Finding Neverland," so except some of that same fantasy / romance.

Are there still any George Bush fans out there? ;-)

Dancer in DC said...

Well silly me, I realized this morning I'd neglected to mention Casino Royale. So stay tuned this evening for a review on that also!

Anonymous said...

Was Natalie's hottie husband Adrian Pasdar - aka the pajama-flying Nathan Petrelli - in the movie????

Dancer in DC said...

Oh my, yes. Sadly, he was not just wearing pajama pants.