November 28, 2006

Just one more

Casino Royale

Let me put this out there - I'm a pretty die-hard James Bond fan. Born and bred that way, really. Let's just say that I'm well aware that the year I was born Live and Let Die was released. So for me to give the latest man playing Bond such a high score is saying a lot. Sure, he's different. But he has what it takes - sexy dry charm with a hard edge. And this film is well put together, with good action, and simple plot, and no elaborate escape plots involving sharks or piranha. At a time we could all use some simple, fun escapist fare, Casino Royale delivers - in spades.


Selena Kang said...

Guess what? One of the very rare instances where the movie is closely based on the book! I was really happy with this "rebirth" of the Bond fanchise.

Plus, Daniel Craig in little swimpants.

ScottE. said...

When it was announced Daniel Craig was going to be Bond, I was shocked at the responses....I was willing and interested to see him in the role...wasn't my first choice, but not a bad choice...he works very well. And yes, to echo Selena...little swimpants. Nice.