November 01, 2006

Alright, Okay, You Win

I know, I know. You’re saying, “What’s the deal? Where the heck have you been?” Believe me, not posting in nearly 2 weeks isn’t cool with me. Especially considering that it was a year ago that I revitalized this blog and began regular posting! So what happened? Alright, time for true confessions. Laying my cards on the table. Mea culpa.

I was so bitter that Jeffrey won Project Runway, that I couldn't write.

I'm serious! I had become far too invested in the show, and seeing him win for what I truly thought was the worst collection of the bunch just didn't compute. I couldn't go on. I was devastated.

With time, I have healed a bit. I admit that a couple of his pieces were decent, but I still maintain his collection was not the best. And I'll be back next season, hoping the judges will have corrected whatever brain anomaly caused them to have such a lapse in, um, judgement. Time heals all wounds, and whatnot.

In the meantime, I've neglected you, my poor readers. I'm sure you've been buzzing about, talking about our favorite TV shows and so forth. I'd like to say that I'm just going to do a bunch of posts to cover all that has happened recently, but I can't. Life marches on!

So instead, let's do a super-speedy recap of what's been happening on TV, and hopefully in the next week I'll be back on track. Once all those dang political ads are off my screen, I should have the time and energy to concentrate! Anywho, let's pick this up:

* Heroes

So much has happened, but it can be summed up by saying that the worlds of our heroes, they are colliding. They are coming together to follow the edict made my future sword-bearing Hiro - "Save the cheerleader, save the world!" Last night's episode was one of my favorites so far, as we really got deep into Niki's storyline, and met her mysterious husband D.L. who is super-powered himself (told you!). And did I or did I not call that PMAT was evil and playing Mohinder like a fiddle? Perhaps this explains why she's a bad actress. Final comment - Matt is still my boyfriend, but Nathan shirtless? Yum. I'm just saying.

* Dancing With the Stars

Once the dust settled from Sara Evans leaving the show (and her giving an extremely classy exterview), no one was eliminated, which was just dumb. And then mercifully, Jerry Spring was finally relieved of the torture he was enduring each week. I have a feeling Mario is walking away with this, but my heart still goes to Emmitt.

* America's Next Top Model

If I do any retroactive posts, it will be for this show, because so much happened! Michelle came out (sort of), and her mom was cool about it! AJ was eliminated, and I was pissed about it! And last week Brooke missed her high school graduation to be eliminated the same night, and no one cared about it!

* Lost

Am I the only one worried that the show is losing some steam? Sure, there were interesting moments, like Locke's whacked out drug trip with Boone, and the discovery of another polar bear. And then Juliet's breakdown in the operating room over Colleen's death. But it just seems like things are...dragging. Not to mention that the official Lost podcast hasn't appeared in two weeks. C'mon people - keep your fan base happy! Super-powered Desmond in sparse clothing is not enough!

* The Nine

Conversely, this show is the one that's been heating up pretty quickly. Lizzie confessed her pregnancy to Jeremy! Egan got separated! Lucas is giving part of his liver up just so his brother can suffer publicly! Of course the biggest shocker was to hear that Eva's husband served time with the evil Russell. Something tells me that's not going to work out well. Coolest moment so far - the group comes together to help fill in the gaps in Felcia's memory. Aww...well done, Malcolm!

* Grey's Anatomy

I could just say "McSteamy" and that would be sufficient. But to elaborate - Meredith is dumb. Izzie might be dumber, but at least she's back to being a surgeon. George is dense (as usual). The greatest mystery - how has Alex become so darn likeable? [More bizarre - half-watching the horrific movie The Wedding Planner on TV, I noticed that he was in that doing a really horrible accent. Do with that what you will.]

* The Amazing Race

Well of course because of the consistent football delays (CBS is determined to make my life difficult), I keep missing parts of the show. Still, I know the key points. David & Mary got lucky on both non-elimination legs, which is awesome but probably signals their eventual doom. Sarah is finally rid of her horrific partner, Peter. The beauty queens are not always so nice. And Karyln is permanently grouchy. I'm worried about this turning into another season where a group of nice and promising folks become far too bitter and jaded by the end to make it enjoyable. But can we give a shout out to Mauritius? I love going to new places!

Well, that's about it for now. In the coming weeks I'll be aiming to get back to a more regular posting schedule. Look for some posts on recent films I've seen (The Queen, Shortbus, Running With Scissors), as well as books (The Devil Wears Prada) and even theatre (The Drowsy Chaperone and this weekend's My Fair Lady).

Stay tuned! And thanks for stopping by to check this page as often as you have. I'll be better - I promise!

[Bonus points for the first person to comment with the performer who made this post title a hit!]


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I don't know that song... but I give you props for summarizing 2 weeks of tv so succinctly! I still have complete faith in LOST, agreeing with Scotte's "slow burn" theory. My only complaint about this season is the way they've just plopped Paolo and Nicki in, which I think is stupid. But otherwise I'm loving every bit of it!

And I'm loving Heroes, too. There are some really cool story lines going on, and I can't wait to see how they pull it all together. And Hiro gets a sword! :-)

Right now, my money is on the Cho brothers to win. I think Dave & Mary are on their last leg, Rob & Kimberly will self-combust, Lyn & Carlyn won't be able to keep up at some point, the beauty queens will face some karmic retribution, and the models will just get lost and end up 6 hours behind. The Chos are a little *too* nice, so they can sometimes be taken advantage of. But they can take off their shirts at ANY TIME.

DC Food Blog said...

Obviously from my last Top Chef post i love Heroes. We FINALLY get a superpower fight between ikiN and DL. Good on that but this show moves SLOOOOOWLY. Revealing what a complete comic book geek I am, I have come up with my own Heroes character. Her name is Anna Nguyen and she works as a Legislative Assistant for a liberal Congresswoman from CA. While debating legislation on the Patriot Act, she discovers she knows all 5000 pages of legislative language. Her superpower is to remember EVERYTHING. The Creepy Bald Guy's memory draining powers are useless on her. I love Heroes THAT much.

And yes, I hated Jeffrey's collection with a passion. I was so sad the Michael decided to make a trip to hoochie land which is located somehwere in Africa it looks. I LOOOOVED Uli collection and I knew it wasn't going to win because it was so wearable. The judges like crap.

Bobaloo said...

Heroes is awesome. It's going at an excellent pace, AFAIC. However, I'm moving in to the camp the HRG/Mr. Bennett and company are merely "shady" and not evil.

I'm committed to Lost, but I am somewhat disappointed with the pace. However, I also believe that the first 3 episodes of this season were essentially a 3-hour season premiere that shoud really be taken as one episode. I intended to try and watch all of them together in one sitting, but only got through episodes 1 and 2. If I don't get sucked into City tonight, I'll try to rewatch at least ep. 3 before tonights episode, which I'll be watching late anyways.

Bobaloo said...
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Arkades said...

Am I the only one worried that the show [Lost] is losing some steam?

Yeah, I've been frustrated with it, too... the reasons are numerous. No single of these reasons is really a deal-killer, but collectively they take a definite toll:

* I'm so totally over the whole Jack/Kate/Sawyer whyangle. *Yawn.* I get that they're popular characters, but the writers seem to fixate on these three in particular far too much for my tastes.

* They offed an interesting character with good chemistry (Libby) and lots of untapped story potential at the end of last season, so that we could... give more screen time to Creepy Ben? Puhlease.

* The writers have also given us a whole new batch of Others to love or hate. (More likely, the latter.) Of the ones introduced so far, only Juliet really appears to have much potential for becoming something other than a generic Agent of Menace. I think we're supposed to find her more sympathetic than the average Other. She's certainly intriguing, I'll grant her that much.

* It's deeply sad that neitherCharlie nor Locke bothered to look for Desmond or Mr. Eko right away. No, they had to build the sweat lodge and have a vision quest first. Because there was no way they might have concluded it might be worthwhile to look for other possible survivors of the explosion both of them had just survived... not on their own, at least. Luckily those demented Island-induced visions were more considerate, and intervened in order to steer Locke and Charlie back to (eventually) behaving in a manner remotely resembling their original personalities. Sheesh.

For all of those quibbles, I'm still far too invested in the show to give up on it. But my patience is wearing thin. If the Others are supposed to be more than simple boogeymen, we need to start seeing things that make any of their cryptic behaviors make sense. Now.

Anonymous said...

Although, I would much rather be watching stupid introductions of Paolo and Nicki than hearing Michael screaming "Where's my boy?!? Give me back my boy!!!" all over the island for another whole season!

I think the Others storyline is going to take a long time to develop - remember, the writers have a 5-7 year story arc planned. But what I'm hoping is that they will stop seeming so menacing but instead start to form an alliance with S,K,J. I think we might just get a glimpse of a new big bad guy with that Eyepatch clip for tonight. If SKJ start uniting with the Others, the rest of the survivors could be suspicious and there could be all kinds of new schisms as people try to figure out who's fighting who.

At least, that's how I would write it.... ;-)

joyous said...

Peggy Lee's song, right? I know it from Bette Midler's album of Peggy Lee songs, but PL's the original.

I miss you when you're gone. I kept checking every day, just in case.

Dancer in DC said...

Joyous wins the bonus points! Fully redeemable for a free drink on me!

And a big welcome to you, Arkades - thanks for stopping by! I have to agree with you on a lot of those points.

Thanks everyone for coming by and checking in. It's nice to feel missed!

The Kara said...

Was there a guy with an eyepatch in a previous season in one of the Lostie's pre-island lives? Seems familiar but I could just be making things up. I am SO saddened by Mr. Ecko's departure. I must admit I'm not a fan of that smoke thing. I LOVED the Bob Dylan/INXS moment where Jack was watching the video and washername was telling him all lies (wait, that's probably in your next blog roundup so I'll shut it).

In other news, I have watched the Tina Fey show, 30 ROCK for the last few weeks and decided definitively this week to take it off the DVR list - just not good enough (I still love you Tina and Alec, but still). I did however watch 20 GREAT YEARS this week - on with John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor - I thought it was quite funny. Judith Light guest starred and it made me laugh. DC, if you have a chance check it out... it had a scent of male Golden Girls about it.