November 12, 2006

Why America's Next Top Model is Still Awesome

Oh sure, AJ was kicked out even though she was top-notch. Anchal, why did you just toss it all away? And why the heck is Melrose still around? Not to mention the whole writers' strike fiasco. Still, I confess there are 5 reasons...

Why America's Next Top Model is Still Awesome

1. Bitches! The show is always full of them. You know you love it.

2. Twins! They me be skinny and gangly, but darn if they don't take great pictures. And how fun is it that Michelle thinks she's lesbianoic?

3. Tyra does her absolute best to make a fool of herself each and every week. You've got to appreciate that kind of dedication.

4. ANTM gets some good guests on the show - strange and out-of-place as they may be. Dennis Quaid? Love!

5. The theme song! You wanna be on top?


Pop Culture Diva said...

I agree. The house is always filled with bitches and I love it. It's make for a complex combo of loathing and admiration. I agree AJ left too early she was my pick and Melrose looks a bit too senior to be there. After all these cycles, it's still my guilty pleasure.

Dancer in DC said...

Too true - and Melrose is always lording her age over the girls, like it makes her wiser (it doesn't).

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog, Diva!

DC Food Blog said...

I love the fact that Tyra beleives her own schtick. Like how she tries to do "acting" and just comes off as a fool but she beleives she's like Cate Blanchett.