December 08, 2006

Balance restored

It is with great pleasure that I report to you that cosmic balance has been acheived in the world of reality television once again.

Let's face it - we've been reeling ever since the tattooed jerkface won Project Runway. And this season's finale of The Amazing Race hasn't exactly been shaping up to be a win/win situation. (More like lose/lose/meh.)

But last night, it was the wonderful CariDee who took it home in America's Next Top Model! That's right, the true blonde wonder is your next Cover Girl! And it was awesome. I mean, the girl overcame psoriasis! (OK, maybe that was over-played, but you need a sob story to win this show.) True, her runway walk is atrocious. But CariDee has taken consistently strong pictures every single week, and she has a fun personality which has convinced me that we're totally BFFs.

Meanwhile the aging bitch Melrose was sent packing. Hooray! I mean, look at her shots - that bullfight one she looked like she was about 70 years old. I'm still not convinced they even added lines to her face for the sideshow shoot. And what was with that dramatic breakdown backstage during the runway show? Lame. I would like to lock Melrose and Monique up in a room together for eternity.

And so we bid farewell to Danielle (oh, I'm sorry DANI now, ugh) as the reigning Top Model. Am I total dork that I kinda want to see CariDee's spread in Seventeen magazine?

In other reality TV news, I'm trying not to panic about this. Not yet, anyway. If it doesn't work out? Cue the histrionics.

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ScottE. said...

She's from Fahr-gough. Yeah for her!

I'm so not really into the show, but I did get sucked in this year.