September 29, 2006

You're a heart-breaker, a rule-breaker!

If you thought that Dancing With The Stars was just a lot of nice celebrities dancing and smiling, this week's show would have changed your mind.

On the one hand there were some great dances that wowed us - in particular Vivica and Nick, who did a smoldering tango. (And check out that hair - hello, Dorothy Dandridge!)

But on the other hand you had several teams that kept trying to push the envelope of the rules with some lifts, and intentional form breaks. And the judges? Were NOT having it. Len was grumpy as could be all night, and eventually Carrie Ann stepped in with the scolding. To Karina and Mario she said, "Maybe if you LEARNED to RESPECT the RULES you would do better!" When scoring, both she and Bruno were all, "8, but it COULD have been a 10!"

Such drama!

I admit, it was a little bit delicious, but it was also like watching your parents argue, y'know?

But the biggest injustice this week was that Emmitt (who admittedly was not at his best) got the lowest score - even lower than dancing-as-a-joke Jerry Springer. NOT cool. I had a near heart attack watching the results show! But in the end it was Harry Hamlin who was eliminated. Poor little Ashly crying her eyes out! What a sweetheart.

How about the musical performances on the results show? I love me some Scissor Sisters, but even I admit it was a rather bizarre place for them to perform. (Well, and on Disney-owned ABC, it's not like Jake could be tearing his clothes off.) And what the heck was with that opera guy? He looked like a Jack Black sketch on Saturday Night Live. At least the paso doble-as-modern dance was entertaining.

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Stef said...

Thanks for explaining the big controversy. Whatever, I think it makes for good television. Those judges should loosen up.

And I loved the paso doble and the choir, but that Dracula-esque opera singer guy was a trip!