September 01, 2006

Heading for a fall; season, that is

Yes, your calendar is not deceiving you - tomorrow is September! And with September comes the new fall TV season, which you know is big news around here. I'm sure that makes you wonder what this author will be watching?

Well a big decision-maker for me will be EW's fall TV preview, which hasn't landed in my mailbox just yet. But I listen to the buzz and browse website previews, so I have a good idea so far. Here's a preliminary schedule for me, which I'll probably update for you as we get closer to mid-September.


With Grey's Anatomy moving out of this night, I'm more than happy to have The Amazing Race move in. Last season was a little uneven for me, but it's still one of the best reality shows out there, and I will certainly be tuning in and writing about it here. But it is disappointing to have it go up against The Simpsons.


The one thing really piquing my interest on this usually dull night is a show that I heard about in a recent bTalk podcast. NBC has a new one called Heroes, which will examine what happens when some ordinary people discover they suddenly have extraordinary powers. So it's a little bit like superhero lore, but the look and feel are pretty sleek. I'm intrigued, and willing to give this a shot.


I can't resist the pull of Dancing With The Stars, which will suck me in once again. The results show will now be up against Top Model, so I won't watch that, which is fine. An hour-long results show will lots of filler isn't the part I loved - I'll just find out online who won each week.


Once again, hump day will be a busy one for this blogger. The night will begin with America's Next Top Model, which should be fierce as usual - I saw a commercial that shows they will have a set of identical twins this time around. My weekly reviews will be here, as you've come to expect! I'm sad to report that a show I was looking forward to, NBC's 30 Rock, will also be in that tight 8 p.m. hour, which means I will have to miss it! After that (at 9 p.m.), of course I'll be watching the best show on TV - Lost. You know we have to talk about that one! After that, I'm curious about trying ABC's new show The Nine. I guess I'm not even sure what it's about, but the commercials are pretty good, and you know I like the ensemble dramas now. And when the next season rolls around, Project Runway will continue to round out my night.


ABC has tried an interesting tactic, moving Grey's Anatomy to Thursday nights. But considering CBS is dead to me on Thursdays anyway, I will follow. After that, I may try ABC's follow-up, Six Degrees. Hopefully it won't be another shlock romantic dramedy. I will probably try to catch some episodes of My Name Is Earl and The Office when I can.


With nothing else to watch on this usually dead night, I look forward to trying ABC's Ugly Betty. After my love for The Devil Wears Prada, how can I resist a show about the fashion industry?


Give me a break, no one programs on Saturdays anymore. Stay up late and see if SNL is any good that week.

Also there will be some mid-season returning favorites that will be on my docket - Reba, Supernanny and Scrubs.

At least each of the major networks is getting a little love from me. CBS is down to just one show on my radar, but at least it's a really good one! ABC will once again dominate my life with their seductive pleasures. I'm just happy to see that I'm not committing hours and hours every night. All good things in moderation!

And what about all of you? Is there something missing here you think I need to check out?

[For those awaiting my Runway recap - expect to see it this evening.]


Bobaloo said...

Lost is the show I'm most excited about, followed by some interest in Heroes. I may or may not check out Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, as I'm a fan or Aaron Sorkin. Other returning shows I'll watch will include the CSI franchise, which basically owns me and my wife, although it is starting to wear on me as repetitive. With two feeds into the DirecTV-Tivo I don't have to worry too much about conflicts.

Beyond that it's finally football season, so that's lots of programming to digest as well.

ScottE. said...

My must see options remain LOST and Grey's! I'll catch the other shows as they roll in and we'll see what becomes MUST SEE.

Dancer in DC said...

Welcome to my blog, Bob! It's good to see you here, as well. :)

Now of course, if you're still listening, you have to confess which football team you're rooting for! Tomorrow I'll be attending my first U. of Maryland game.

Bobaloo said...

Thanks for having me! :) I've been skulking about for a few weeks. I'm a U. of Arizona alum, and I'll actually be down there tomorrow night for the game. I'm a total bandwagon guy for the NFL right now, but hope to be able to root for the local Cardinals.

Stef said...

LOST and Grey's are my two tops, of course. Then I'll throw in The Amazing Race, Veronica Mars, and maybe House if I can squeeze it in. Tuesday night is really tough, you're right, so I'll have to be making some choices there. As far as Wednesday goes, I can't commit to anything after LOST cuz that 10 pm hour is when I'll be obsessively blogging. But I agree that Ugly Betty looks good - except I heard they'd now moved it to 8 pm Thursday's before Grey's Anatomy? Something like a vote of confidence to pair it with GA. And I may try to check out some of those new shows, but so many of them sound the same. Coincidences - apocalyptic mysteries - kidnappings - standoffs. I can't tell them apart yet.

And I can't believe I still haven't gotten my EW either - did you see Patrick McDreamy on the cover?!?

Congrats on the SiteMeter fun! :-)

The Kara said...

I'm all about LOST and THE RUNWAY. I also have some guilty pleasures that I DVR like HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (not even sure if that's coming back, but it makes me laugh and I like watching it at the beginning of the week) and lately I've gotten into a show on A & E called FLIP THIS HOUSE (it's awesome b/c they redo 2 houses in like 2 weeks). I'm also intrigued by the Aaron Sorkin extravaganza and you KNOW I have to see what happens to Jim on the office (he's on my secret boyfriend list, too!).

Stef said...

I happened to catch the first 2 episodes of that show VANISHED last night. It's the one on Fox where the Senator's wife disappears, and Ming-Na is an FBI agent and Rebecca "Noxzema Chick" Gayheart is a reporter. It's going to be a season-long mystery, and I think they're going for something like 24. But guess what? It kinda sucked. The main guy is supposed to be hot, but he just needed a shave and his super-80's clothing (skinny ties, low slung pants, short sleeve shirts) was supposed to be retro but I thought it just looked stupid.