September 02, 2006

French fried

I was pondering why it was taking me a bit to get up the gumption to do my weekly recap of Project Runway. I finally realized that it just wasn't the best episode in my opinion (especially after how awesome last week was). But, in the interest of my readership, I'll still give you the whole enchilada! Or for more witty commentary, look here.

When we last left our designer friends (and foes), Robert was sent home for being more dull than a C-SPAN marathon. Kayne interviews that he will miss how Robert made him laugh. But it's time to move on! And so we do. Jeff interviews and says nasty things about Angela and her mom. In fact, it's such a recurring theme this week, that we'll call that F3.

At the runway, Heidi tells them that in this week's challenge they will be designing for a "hip international jetsetter." And now it's time to select models. Remember them? Well don't get used to it. Oops! Spoiler. Anyway, this is another week of having 2 too many models, so when all the designers stick with who they had, the models paired with Alison and Robert are sent packing (Danielle and Alexandra).

In the workroom, Tim reiterates the task, and then surprises them that the jetsetter - is each of them. So they will design for themselves and model their own designs. Well, this should be interesting. (But I'm starting to really miss Nazri being all fierce.) They have 15 minutes to sketch.

Angela is a little flustered, as she's barely traveled outside Ohio, and never outside the US. Neither has Kayne. How eerily prophetic... After shopping at Mood, it's time to F1! Things are a bit odd this time around, because at least for the men, they can't use that busty dress form. So what does Vincent do? He takes off his pants to do a "rub off" (trace a pattern from his own pants). I'm surprised this is allowed, but I suppose the fabric choice is his, or whatever. Anywho, if you have fantasized about seeing Vincent in his boxers, this is your chance. (Eww!)

Also during this time, Jeff F3's. She argues back a bit, although remarkably calmly. He F3's. F3, F3, F3.

This is another 1-day work period, so things move fast and furious with the F1. At one point we see Kayne shirtless (not too bad, but he's retained some of that extra skin from losing 100+ pounds). Also we see that Angela can't help from using those damn rosettes, OF COURSE.

When Tim stops by, he likes what Jeff has done with his jacket. He thinks that Uli has quite a few patterns going on. He likes the clean look of Laura's dress. He's impressed by the good tailoring on Vincent's pants. With Kayne, he is concerned that his shirt will come off as "Elvis" - more on that later. And with Angela he's worried about the fabric choice in her shorts - does it really say "jetsetter"? With Michael, he was hoping to wear his own plain white t-shirt under his jacket, but that won't fly - he'll have to make one. Time pressure!

Before you know it, the day of F1 (and F3, for that matter) is over. Back at the apartments, Michael reveals that he has done some modeling in the past. So he gives Kayne some pointers. Kayne makes a moronic white trash vs. ghetto remark that isn't worth repeating.

The next day it's a very early start. The designers get just 30 minutes to do hair, makeup and F1. While most have fun with their hair, Michael (who has a shaved head) takes the time to finish his t-shirt.

And now we're at the runway! Heidi addresses the judges, because of course there are no contestants there. We have Michael, we have Nina, and we have Francisco Costa, who is the Creative Director for Calvin Klein Woman. On with the show!

Michael looks great - his pants are white seersucker cargo, and have added straps that hang down on the sides. There is also some bling on the belt, so it's a good hip-hop feel. His top is like a short-sleeve motorcycle jacket in white, loosely open to reveal the plain white t-shirt beneath. It's a good look - very much what you'd see the rich hip-hop moguls like P.Diddy in.

Laura not only has a lovely dress, but she looks stunning - we've never seen her hair down and styled - it's gorgeous! Her dress is a knee-length halter made of nude jersey fabric. It wraps doubly around the waist, tied at the back. It's just wonderful.

Uli has a halter-style that's all in prints in a myriad of colors. Below the hips there are 5 horizontal sections of various prints. It's a lot to look at, but I still like it. Clearly Uli is uncomfortable modeling, as she walks stiffly down the runway

Jeff has something that you'd see the Rolling Stones in. The jacket is shiny purple velvet, covering a black t-shirt with a big bejewelled skull on it. The pants are tight in stretch black, with some provocative jewelry sewn down the zipper area - it made me think of S&M, honestly. Overall it's not bad, but I would never wear it.

Kayne is Elvis. Seriously. He has a black shirt that over the back has a colorful butterfly print sewn across it that comes up over the shoulder. This is over straight black pants, and he has big sunglasses on, with spiky hair. He does a bit of pimp walking, and I seriously wonder if he thinks this is Graceland or Vegas.

*snore* Oh, I'm sorry - that was Vincent that came down the runway. It was so boring, I...OK, FINE. It's a v-cut sweater over pants. Both black. And he walks like he's in a slow march towards death. BORING!

Angela just misses the mark. She has a magenta tank over long brown shorts (which have f-ing rosettes on the ass). She's carrying one of her ugly rosette-ed bags. The problem is the whole thing is in silk fabrics, so it's already pretty wrinkled.

The judges bring them out for a chat. They love Michael's. Mr. Kors isn't wild about the knot in Laura's back (how can you sit on that?), but says you could tie it in front, so that's all good. They really like Jeff's because it's so "him." Vincent is dull, Kayne is Elvis, Angela is wrinkled. They don't dislike Uli's - they are just concerned that it's too tropical in style (I guess concerned that you can't jetset to Siberia in it), but their main concern is that it's yet another halter dress in a print - can she do anything else? I'm worried.

Then Heidi tells them that before they determine who wins and who is out - they want to see if these garments really do travel well. So they will all be leaving on a jetplane - NOW! Back to your apartments - you have 1 hour to get to the airport! (Which I think is a tad unrealistic - you can't get to any airport in Manhattan that fast, I don't think.)

The designers scramble, grabbing the plane tickets off their beds, which have no destination. Intrigue! On the way to the airport, they wonder where they could be headed - it could be Milan, or it could just be New Jersey. But at JFK, they discover that it's actually Paris. Angela shrieks with joy. For now. (Sorry! Damn spoilers.)

On the plane (which turns out to be a set-up - check it out on Tim's podcast), they love that they're in first-class, and toast with champagne. Tim arrives to go with them, which is most exciting for all of them. (And I have to say, Tim holds his champagne with two hands in about the gayest way possible, but I still love him 4evah.) Jeff humorously comments that he doesn't know what he'll do when he won't have Tim randomly popping up in his day. OK, I'll give him that one - heh.

Fast forward to the designers arriving in Paris, where they travel to an unknown destination. Along the way, they pass the Eiffel Tower, which Angela and Kayne drool over. Laura, who is internationally cultured apparently, says that Paris in person is just so much better than what you see in pictures. (That's true.)

And finally they arrive at...Parsons Paris! Yes, in fact Parsons has been in Paris for decades, as Tim can tell you. Inside they see the workroom which they soon figure out has only 6 stations. That's right kids - someone is about to be eliminated. Tim introduces the final judge - designer Catherine Malandrino. She will be judging how well the designs traveled a trans-Atlantic flight. Time to walk the runway...or, well...the room. All of the designers interview that they thought their garments traveled great, except Angela (tragic foreshadowing).

After Catherine tallies, she gives comments. She likes all of them, except Kayne (off the mark) and Angela ("You are not of this world." - HA!). And then it's time for Tim to announce who's in and out. Laura is in, and so is Vincent. Then he tells them it was a very tough choice between Michael and Jeff for the win - but Jeff wins. Bleh. So that leaves Angela and Kayne. Angela? You're out. So after just arriving in Paris, Angela has to head home. Jeff interviews F3. (Tim reveals that she actually got to spend the remainder of the day and night in Paris, so don't weep too much.)

Next week - it looks like real models! And the judges appear to be there, so maybe they came to Paris also?

Question of the Week! If you were going to jetset off to an international destination just for a day and night, where would you go?


ScottE. said...

For one night....? Where's Jake G. this week?

OK, make it Santorini.

Right...outside of the twists of designing for themselves and jetting to Paris, this week was eh.

The Kara said...

Since I just got back from Santorini... (I have to say it b/c I can still hardly believe it)... I choose Barcelona - it's next on my list of adventures for sure!

As for the episode, it was alright. I actually enjoyed Tim Gunn's podcast more than the episode - especially as the Silver Fox revealed that La Catharine Francais seemed to have no end of insults to hurl at Angela and my white trash rapper, Kanye, and they had to film that scene like 6 times. In this case, I actually liked Laura's outfit best, but agreed that Jeffrey should have won as he took the biggest 'risk' and it actually worked.

Dancer in DC said...

For a one day trip, I imagine I would probably head off to London - so much to do in such a small space!

Brunette said...

Ooooh, just one night? St. Tropez - to me, that place just screams "jet-setting." I'd have to go tanning first though.

I think that this week, once again, Laura was robbed. Jeffrey continues to make heinous clothes, inspired by his rancid soul; I can't believe they rewarded him this time!

DC Food Blog said...

Rome. I actually ended up having exactly 24 hours in Rome because someone I was traveling with found out her study abroad program started a day early. It was 24 hours well spent.

Brunette said...

One more thing... If you haven't already visited FourFour (, you really should. Awesome Project Runway recaps.

Lady Brandenburg said...

Ugh - I can't believe Jeff won - am I the only one who thinks his outfit was totally tired - totally 80's hairband rocker wannabe? I didn't think it was original at all - I thought Michael's was much more fresh and modern, and of course Laura looked stunning and her dress traveled well.

I am secretly glad they picked on Uli this week - she does need to step up and show us something else.

I would jetset to Copenhagen - my brother used to live there but I never had the money to really "do it up" there when I visited him - it can be really glam!

Lady Brandenburg said...

Word Verification: quikdiqk - definition: the fastest pecker in the West.