September 11, 2006


I know it's been awhile since I've done some movie reviews, so this will be my "catch-up" post. We'll discuss a few movies currently in theaters, and several on video.

Last night ScottE and I had an impromptu date night of dinner (at Annie's Steakhouse) and a movie. We went to see Another Gay Movie, because sometimes you just need to see something fun. And it was! Great fun. This is one film that does not try in any way to have a message or socially redeeming value. Instead it's spot-on parody of the grossest variety. There's not much I really feel comfortable putting in print here, so let's just say there's a lot of gay sex, a lot of nudity (rear and full-frontal), and more than you straight folks probably ever wanted to know about! I'm not sure if there's an audience out there for it, but you do in fact see Richard Hatch's...little Richard, so to speak. Grab your best gay pal and go prepared to laugh and squirm! My rating - A-!

Last week we caught a show of Little Miss Sunshine right after Stef saw it. This was a movie that I liked, but didn't love. Actually I had no real issue with it - it just wasn't in my "huge favorites" list, y'know? All the characters are delightfully quirky - from the son who's taken a vow of silence to the grandfather who snorts heroin. And am I a little out there if I say that Steve Carell is really hot? Best part of this movie without question is the van when the horn starts going off...heh. My rating - B.

Based on a recommendation from Lord and Lady B, we rented two videos recently. The first was V for Vendetta, and I just loved it, much to my surprise. I guess I just didn't know what to expect. Natalie Portman - not annoying! Hugo Weaving - cool, not creepy! The storyline is engaging, and the visuals are on such a grand and impressive scale. It made me want to get out there and celebrate Guy Fawkes Day myself. Grade A!

The other movie was a Spike Lee joint - Inside Man. It was definitely good, although I think I personally was too focused on the bank robbery and a potential twist. Instead I should have realized that the movie is really about the conversation and relationships between the characters - how they love/hate/resent each other, and especially the frank comments on race. Denzel Washington is wonderful, as always. He and Jodi Foster spar in a way that is just divine - love her! And of course Clive Owen is yummy enough to eat with a spoon. I give this one a B+.

Also that week I picked up a random gay flick, assuming it would suck. (Secret tip - 90% of all gay movies are terrible, and we know it. I guess it goes with the whole "10% of the population" thing.) Much to our surprise, Adam & Steve was not only funny, it was often hilarious. The movie features Malcom Gets (formerly of TV's Caroline and the City) as well as Parker Posey and Chris Kattan. Synopsis - 2 men have a tragically bad date in the 80s, and then meet each other again years later, not realizing they had met before. Hilarity ensues. Other than one real gross-out moment, this one can be fun for all - I give it an A-.

We have quite a few films lined up to see in the coming weeks - Babel, The Black Dahlia, and Shortbus. Stay tuned!


ScottE. said...

Annie's: A let down, which can happen from time to time, it certainly didn't hit the spot it normally does.

Another Gay Movie: Everything American Pie couldn't show, they do...but the gay version. Stupid and hilarious. Great laughs!

Litte Miss Sunshine: I liked this more than J-lo. Loved the family and how they all pulled together. The last 20 minutes were completely silly and YES, Steve Carrell is a total hottie.

V & Inside Man: Did enjoy both of them. Want to see V again, I think it would be worth a second view.

Adam & Steve: Parker Posey, end of story.

Shortbus! Shortbus! Shortbus! Little story, I actually rode the short bus to school for about a year and half. I liked down this narrow, windy, gravel road and a regular bus couldn't reach us, so the short bus got me. FUN! They actually would come down our driveway, nearly 1/2 a mile long and pick me up at the door!

Stef said...

Steve Carell: Yummy! You're so not alone. Even Juliana DiPandi on E said she was totally attracted to him during the Emmys coverage. He's an emerging hottie. And a malfunctioning horn was the funniest gag I saw all summer!

Clive Owen: I'd like me a triple scoop of that. It's gotten to the point now that the movie trailer people know how to get to me, cuz his last 2 trailers have started with just the black screen and Clive's voice as he starts the narration. And I melt into a little puddle. I'd watch him do just about anything. Including a bad Jennifer Aniston thriller. Yeah, Inside Man was great. Did you notice how hot Jodie is in a short skirt?

V for Vendetta: I also liked this one A LOT more than I expected. Seeing it made me get all agitated and want to start blowing stuff up. Heh heh.