September 26, 2006

The goal is Mongolia

Due to some technical difficulties (or to put it succintly - "CBS sucks"), my wonderful TiVo missed the last part of The Amazing Race on Sunday. So unfair! I had to resort to reading about it online today.

Thus I don't have a lot to say today. But I'm happy to report that the beauty queens are still pleasant (if a tad forgetful), and David and Mary seem to like everyone. And although I don't know exactly how it happened (something about flaming arrows), the cheerleaders were eliminated. I'm envisioning that they hit the mat and screamed, "Gimme a B-O-O!"

This week's leg took place mostly in Mongolia, which is a new country for the show and thus cool in my book. What have we learned about it? Apparently that the hooved creatures have minds of their own.

So stay tuned for next week, when we will hopefully be able to talk about it more! (Anyone see the ending that can give a little commentary?)


Rebecca said...

It was a little mindblowing when Mary observed that they'd never met Asians before. And I couldn't help but be charmed when she said, "I'd never met a gay before. But you know what? I like 'em!" I thought, "Me too, Mary. Me too!"

Stef said...

Aw, I like Mary too, and you couldn't have picked a less flattering picture!

CBS sucks, and they better stop pre-empting their Sunday night schedule.

But I did watch it all. There were big problems with the vehicles this time, and it ended up being down to just two teams - the cheerleaders and the Alabama moms - making their way to the final Road Block. Both cars died, and it took a while for them to figure out they needed help cranking the engines to get them to start. Then the cheerleaders went miles in the wrong direction (classic TAR rookie mistake!) so the Alabamas made it to the roadblock first. You had to shoot a flaming arrow into a target that would then set it on fire. The moms got it done and made it to the pit stop. Some time later (long enough for it to get dark) the cheerleaders made it, but hte blonde one had NO LUCK getting the arrow to hit the target. So they decided to give up.

I was sad, cuz I actually liked the cheerleaders. I can't stand the fighting/dating couple, and I don't like Peter and Sarah that much either. But I do like the "bumpkins" and most of the other teams, so far....

Stef said...

I just saw a promo ad for CBS's Sunday night line up. They said "Tune in Sunday for Race, Case and Trace!"

Ick. For some reason, that grates. And I even like all those shows.