August 09, 2008

Olympic Fever!

It's that time again! Time for me to obsessively watch the Olympic games in Bejing. In case you hadn't heard about it previously, I am a 100% certified addict of the 'lympics. It's really the only time you'll ever see me voluntarily watching sports.

Last night the games opened with a really spectacular opening ceremony put on by the Chinese. Although the huge spectacle was fantastic, what really impressed me was that so much was done by massive coordination of people, not machines. Hopefully it reminded everyone what is good and strong about China, setting aside the obvious issues the country faces in this century. Oh, and we kicked off the night by having Chinese take-out - of course!

On a side note - will someone please put Sarah Brightman into a home? It's unfair to continue unleashing her on an unsuspecting world.

The parade of nations continues to be fun. I think my favorite outfits were those worn by the Marshall Islands - tropical splendor! But what were the Hungarian women thinking with those crazy red flowered get-ups?

And yes, I got all misty when the torch was lit. I always do. Such a sap.

Let the Games begin! Today it's all about volleyball (I love watching women's indoor) and swimming (I don't care about the hype - Michael Phelps rocks). What will you be watching?

photo courtesy of New York Times


Stef said...

I've already started dropping my favorite every-4-years sports phrase into conversations... "you've gotta stick the landing!"

I love the different outfits of the Parade of Nations, and I always love Bob Costas and his encyclopedic knowledge of, um, everything. We watched Michael Phelps win his first gold at a bar last night and everyone cheered, even over the band! And, I love men's gymnastics... for... obvious reasons. ;-)

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