August 14, 2008

Olympics Days 3 & 4 in review

First off, I've said my piece about the fact that NBC is only showing so much on their broadcasts. (Check out bottom of page 32.) So I promise to stop griping about that. And ScottE helpfully pointed out that you can get tidbits of other sports online - everything from Handball to Archery. So in my very limited free time, I'll be watching!

In the meantime, here are some big highlights the last couple of days:
  • Over in the world of Kayaking, we saw the kind of moment that makes me watch the Olympics so religiously. Winning the first Olympic medal EVER for his country, Benjamin Boukpeti of the small West African nation of Togo took the bronze in the men's K1 final. He was so powerful and so frickin' happy - I was beaming ear to ear. He gave an interview and I understood about half of it, but it's clear that he was so proud and couldn't believe the crowd was chanting - "Togo, Togo, Togo!"
  • Meanwhile the Chinese continued to dominate both Gymnastics and Synchronized Diving by winning the women's event in both sports. Memo to Alicia Sacramone: SHAKE IT OFF! Good grief, it's not like someone shot your dog.
  • All the rest of the excitement was in Swimming. Most notable of course was that Michael Phelps made history by winning more gold medals than any other Olympic athlete. His dominance continues - can he beat Mark Spitz's record? We shall see! (Oh, and he has been breaking world records like...all the time.)
Up tonight (or rather, tomorrow morning in Beijing) - my new boyfriend Jason Lezak goes for his individual gold. You can do it, baby!!!


Stef said...

I'm sorry I missed that kayaking race, I would've loved to have seen a story like that. I did really enjoy the kayaking a few years ago when I saw some of it.

I made the mistake of staying up until after midnight to watch the gymnastics. As triumphant and fun as the events in the Water Cube were last night, the gymnastics was just painful.

But i do LOVE that crazy Bela is hammering home that point about the Chinese team all being zygotes. It's really easy to get around the rules when your government will do anything to win... while I do think most of those girls are about 11 - 13, I do have to give it up for them.

Their floor exercises were hands down better than Team USA's. Our girls looked almost like the men, with really aggressive tumbling routines. But the Chinese girls really made it about dance, and joy, and they were great.

DC Food Blog said...

Stef, you need to get a dvr! I saw it and it was the reason why I watch Olympics. Some obscure country in some obscure sport gets the glory that the powerhouses do. The Chinese girls are clearly younger than 16 but I am opposed to age limits because the Olympics should be about being the best in the World, not the best in the World over 16. Noone complains about that adorable British diver being 14.

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