August 10, 2008

Olympics Day 1 in review

In case you missed it, here are the highlights:

- The American women were off to a good start in Beach Volleyball. But the men were defeated in their very first match, against the 23rd seed - Latvia. I blame it on the fact that they weren't wearing Speedos. And Todd Rogers agrees - at least with the shirtless part.

- There was a Cycling Road Race. Which bores me to tears for the first 50 hours or so - it's only exciting in the last 5 minutes.

- The men did their short qualifying routines in Gymnastics. Considering they are extra short and not exciting, it was obvious NBC was adding them to the schedule this year so they could stretch out gymnastics to every day. Why couldn't we have seen a little Judo or Equestrian events instead?

- Meanwhile, the American women swept the medals in the Individual Sabre event for Fencing. Way to go Mariel Zagunis (2-time champ), Sada Jacobson, and Becca Ward!

- There were qualifying heats in Rowing. *snore*

- Swimming was where the other exciting action was last night. Michael Phelps easily scored his first gold in the 400 IM, while the American women fell short in the 4x100 Freestyle Relay, as the Dutch took the gold. Most impressive of the night was Australian Stephanie Rice who killed it in the 400 IM for the women. She's adorable! Sadly, Oussama Mellouli fell short of winning the first ever swimming medal for Tunisia (that would just be neat), but it was no less impressive that Park Tae-hwan brought home the first ever gold for South Korea (400 Free).

- Early games were played in Volleyball, and the US women are looking very strong, with a team that includes several players that have been to the Games often. They held off a strong Japanese team to win their first game. Meanwhile the men held off Venezuela to advance. The cutie team captain's name is...Lloyd Ball. No comment.

Up for today - more Swimming, the start of Diving with the Synchronized Women's event, and I'm hoping for at least 5 minutes of coverage on Archery!


Stef said...

I do like seeing small, lesser-known countries do really well... even if it means upsetting the mighty Team USA. I was happy for those Latvian volleyball guys. Good for them!

DC Food Blog said...

I;m impressed that Korea seems to be cleaning up on the medals. I'm also happy that some Vietnamese weightlifter won Vietnam's second Olympic medal ever (a silver). Do it for the homeland!