August 09, 2008

I'm sad, America!

I can't believe it! Bernie Mac, who had a TV show that was enjoyable, and also appeared in the Ocean's 11 film series is dead at age 50 from pneumonia.

Read more about it here.

Bernie could be very funny at times, and I will miss having him around. Let's have a moment of silence, America.


Stef said...

Yeah, it is very sad. We were just talking at work earlier this week about how we were glad the reports on his prognosis were good. My friends and I toasted him last night, may he rest in peace.

The Kara said...

Very sad. My friend works at a mental hospital and they LOVE some Bernie Mac - she thinks they're going to have to do special groups on it tomorrow.

It doesn't look good for the other actors in BAD SANTA. First John Ritter, now him. Watch out Lauren Graham and Billy Bob Thornton!