September 08, 2007

Falling Down For Fall TV

Woot! It's almost time for the fall TV season! And thanks to Entertainment Weekly's fall TV preview, I've decided on my tentative plan for what I'll be watching. As is my custom, I'll be trying out a few new shows to see if I can discover a new obsession. That's what I did in the cases of Heroes and Lost, and look at them now!

So here it is, my plan. But I'll keep an open mind, you never know what buzz might sway my mind!


Still a virtual wasteland, at least I can count on The Simpsons and King of the Hill for laughs. But I will need to try out Viva Laughlin. At first I thought it was just some Vegas show featuring occasional appearances by Hugh Jackman. But it turns out, it's a MUSICAL. It will be either awesome or tragic. I can hardly wait to find out which. The real question is when the next season of The Amazing Race will start?


Starting the night will be How I Met Your Mother. And thank you, EW for the big spread highlighting the show! Man, it's so good. At 8:30, I'm going to give the CW's Aliens in America a spin. It sounds like an interesting take on the classic fish out of water genre - a Pakistani kid gets plopped down into a midwest school. After that, of course we'll be watching Heroes - anxious to see what's happening with Hiro in feudal Japan!


Potentially a Netflix night, but I do want to test drive the CW's new show, Reaper. A guy finds out his parents sold his soul to the devil. Now he has to catch escapees from hell. Weird, wild fun, right? Sure, it may have some icky bad guys, but I can't imagine it would be any scarier than Charmed or Buffy. In some ways the lead sounds like he's a pseudo-superhero, and you know I dig that.


As usual, the networks insist on cramming all the juicy stuff on one night. Damn you! As much as I'd like to try out ABC's unusual Pushing Daisies or the potential train wreck of CBS's Kid Nation, you know I'll be strutting the catwalk with America's Next Top Model. After that, I will be crossing my fingers that Private Practice is good stuff. You know I love me some Kate Walsh, and now they have Audra McDonald, whom I adore. And although we must wait until February, Lost will be there. (Although there is a rumor about the show being relocated to Sunday, which is fine by me.) Fortunately, we should have Project Runway coming up in October, which will make life oh-so-sweet.


Not much on this night, but I'll be alternating between Grey's Anatomy and The Office/Scrubs block. (Watching the latter when the former is in reruns, or if it gets sucky.) The bad news is that NBC is pulling its shows from iTunes, so no more downloading episodes of The Office or Battlestar Galactica (NBC owns the SciFi channel)! It's as if NBC is determined to have me hate them even more. It almost makes me want to avoid My Name Is Earl!


If we're at home, it's Netflix all the way.


In case you missed the memo, the networks no longer air original programming on this night (other than Cops - ick). So go outside and party like it's 1999. (Or watch a Netflix movie.)

And that's my plan. Looks like my weekly schedule won't be drastically different than last season, other than a potential show for Tuesdays. Thank goodness we started our Netflix subscription - it's really made life more enjoyable!


Anonymous said...

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Stef said...

I totally thought of you when I pulled my EW out of the mailbox today. You're the only other person I know who gets as excited about the fall season as me! :-)

I'll be doing my own similar post soon... stay tuned. Cuz I know you will!

The Kara said...

I'm intrigued by PUSHING DAISIES... but aside from that I'm hoping there will be a surprise in there somewhere. I also have to admit my latest guilty pleasure is watching Kimora Lee Simmons' crazy reality show - if you have a chance, put it on while you're doing something else - I guarantee you by the time it's over you'll be sucked in :)

ScottE. said...

The best guilty pleasure is THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR on E. Hefner's playmates reality show. Good times.

I guess this is my schedule as well.

Oh well.