September 05, 2007

Favoring Some Curry

I'll be honest - summer has been a real drag for me and blogging. I just haven't had anything to write about in weeks! TV sucks it. The only shows we've really been watching are reruns that TiVo picks up. Haven't been moving through Netflix movies very fast. Nothing has struck my fancy at the movies since we saw Superbad. I'm plowing my way through a 1000 page book. And no new music to speak of.

If only it was already the 19th, so I could revel in Top Model!

Fortunately we'll be heading out of town for a vacation next week, so that will be a great time.

Still, we do our best to make our own fun. This weekend, we had a Tim Curry double feature! We watched two of our favorites - Rocky Horror Picture Show and Clue. It's surprising some of the similarities - the main one being inane humor, of course! (Wouldn't it be nifty to be an actor and put "Party Attendee at Frankfurter Mansion" on your resume?)

So take it easy, my sweet transvestites. Summer is nearly over and soon we'll have much to discuss. New seasons of our favorite shows (except Lost)! Elizabeth: The Golden Age and The Golden Compass in theaters! And a review of my favorite book of all time!

Hold tight and talk to you soon.


joyous said...

I miss you J-Lo! Can't wait for fall to refill on the snarky.

Stef said...

Clue? LOVE!!!

Had no idea you were a fan, too. Little bro and I used to recite the entire movie to each other, and I still work quotes in pretty often. Did I ever tell you I used clips from it in a college presentation about logical fallacies?

"A double negative? That's proof positive!"

The Kara said...

"Flames...flames on the side of my face." Classic Clue- LOVE IT!

Dancer in DC said...

"Fan" is a bit of an understatement. Let's put it this way - one year for my birthday, my brother found the script on the internet and printed it out for me. I still have it in a binder at home!

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