September 07, 2007

Short DVD Reviews - Part 4

As always, I promise you reviews of our latest Netflix rentals in 25 words or less!

Company - Short documentary on the making of the Company original cast album. Lots of faces I didn't know were in the cast! Elaine Stritch - drunk.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye - Another documentary. Did you know she used to do religious puppet shows on television?

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer - Sick and twisted movie based on the book (which ScottE read for book club). I couldn't finish it. Boiling a woman? Ewwww.

Small Town Gay Bar - A simple documentary on how gay bars in small towns in Mississippi give people hope and a place to live freely. Well done.

Elizabeth I - British miniseries featuring Helen Mirren. I'm sad to say I got bored real fast. Mirren was good, though (of course).

Love Life - Horrid acting, awful script. Equal opportunity soft-core porn for narcoleptics. A hot guy can't save this one.

Gay Sex in the 70s - A documentary on...duh. No new information (gay men had lots of frivolous sex, but AIDS ended that), but one can admire all the pornstaches.

1 comment:

ScottE. said...

generally mediocre movies this round.

Perfume I enjoyed. I think it followed the book pretty well. And they don't boil a woman. She's steeped in oil to extract her essence, so the lead can make the most perfect perfume ever. Yeah it is creepy, but pretty good.