July 04, 2007

They Both Reached for the Gunn

Y'know, right about now I'm itching for a little Project Runway. I mean, it's been nearly a year since the tattooed buttwipe debacle, and I've got a craving. A hankering deep in my espadrilles. So the question is, when is it coming? How long is the wait?

According to the news source in this link (click on the this post's title), it won't be until the last quarter of the year. Which means OCTOBER at the earliest. Argh! I need my fix of fashion!

On the bright side (sort of, depending on your perspective), Lost won't be coming back until 2008, so that will at least be one less show for me to be blogging about concurrently.

Heidi, where for art thou?


ScottE. said...

I just remembered, but I think both those ladies in the picture have recently had babies????

The Kara said...

The RUNWAY marathon is on and I'm TOTALLY watching it b/c I'm opting out of July 4th activities (kinda like Summer New Year's Eve). Anyway, it just reminded me of the fun and frolic. I'm hoping they're taping soon- I told my friend that we should go to Mood every day and just stalk the shop.