July 23, 2007

The Second Annual Footsie Awards

The Emmy nominations were announced, and once again, they miss the mark by a mile. So I've decided to bring back my own awards! So may I present the winners of the second annual Footsie Awards for Television! Winners may email me for information on how to receive their trophys (which are shaped like an ankle sock in the finest 8k gold plate). I won't cover every category the Emmys do, because contrary to popular belief, I don't really watch all that much TV. (Shut up, I don't. Seriously!)

Best Drama - Battlestar Galactica

OK, so this is a bit of a cheat, in that I haven't actually seen season 3 yet. But unless the quality has dipped drastically (which faithful viewers tell me it didn't), then this has to be the best.

Best Actor in a Drama - Masi Oka

The Emmys have decided that Oka is a "supporting" actor, but he's been the heart and soul of Heroes all season.

Best Actress in a Drama - Kate Walsh

This has been a great year for female roles on TV - how can I choose just one? But I must. So I'm going out on a limb and handing this to Walsh, who was a revelation in an otherwise uneven season of Grey's Anatomy (Honorable mention to Mary McDonnell of BSG, by the way.)

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama - Michael Emerson

A repeat winner from last year, Ben is one creepy dude on Lost. Love him.

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama - Elizabeth Mitchell

The best new Lost character in recent memory, Juliet is paradox personified. One minute you love her, the next you run away screaming. That's one great performance.

Best Comedy - How I Met Your Mother

The most under-appreciated comedy on TV, this is ensemble comedy at its best. Not since Sex and the City has a comedic cast meshed so nicely.

Best Actor in a Comedy - Steve Carell

The Office is often hilarious, and it's often because Michael is so truly awful.

Best Actress in a Comedy - Alyson Hannigan

Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but I think that Hannigan has really come into her own as a comic actress on HIMYM. American Pie seems so long ago!

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy - Neil Patrick Harris

Any gay man that can be that convincing as a straight lothario deserves an award. Score another one for the HIMYM cast.

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy - Angela Kinsey

There are a lot of funny ladies in The Office, but lately it's Angela that cracks me up the most. Witness her receiving customer service lessons from Kelly, and laugh your ass off.

Best Variety Program - The Soup

Once again a two-time winner! The Soup saves me so much TV-watching time.

Best Competitve Reality Program - Project Runway

Horrible ending aside, Runway was still top-notch in its third season. I'll give an honorable mention to America's Next Top Model, which may be cheesetastic, but it still makes for great TV.

Best Non-Competitve Reality Program - Dirty Jobs

What makes this show work is Mike Rowe. He works hard. And he takes that work seriously, even as he makes it clear to us that he knows why it might seem silly.

So those are my awards for this year! No need to wait for an envelope-opening, no need to watch a program that tries to convince you that William Shatner is one of the best dramatic actors of the year.

What are your personal award winners?

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