July 07, 2007

Break Out the Cocktails!

The girls are coming back! And although I felt satisfied with the closure brought by the series' end, who wouldn't want to spend a few more hours with them, this time at the movies?

Which of the ladies' plots are you most anticipating? Carrie's rediscovery of love with Big? Samantha's journey through pain with Jarrod? Miranda's spicy marriage with Steve? Or Charlotte and Harry's foray into parenting?

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Stef said...

Oh, I'm actually worried about this... I have closure, and I just hope hope hope that they don't do anything to change that warm, happy feeling of it all ending right for all of them. Plus, Kim Cattrall was the tough sell and worked herself a tv deal out of this. So will Samantha's character be pumped up more?

I do think I read somewhere that it's going to be a tv movie - maybe back on HBO? If so, I hope HBO still treats it right.