October 16, 2004

An introduction

And so I am once again dragged kicking and screaming into the latest technological trend. You're listening to the guy who was too stubborn to switch from cassette tapes for years because he was so sure CDs were "just like beta." But now I listen to CDs, watch DVDs, jam to my mini-iPod, and feel lost without my cell phone and Palm. So of course, I must have a blog. (And a world shudders in response.)

Let's get through the basics first.

I'm an early 30's gay man living in our nation's capital. By day I work for a non-profit, fighting for the rights of my GLBT brothers and sisters. Evenings and weekends (when I'm lucky) I'm a dancer (mostly modern). I teach, choreograph and perform when I can, which is not often enough.

I've been in a relationship with the same wonderful man for five years, and we're having a wedding in December (not it's not legal). On this blog you shall see him referred to as "the SNU." Allow me to explain...

The type of man that floats my boat tends to be what we in the gay community refer to as a "bear." Basically your husky, hairy, Al on Home Improvement-type. They're not for everyone, which is fine, because it leaves more for me. So anywho, one of my online bear buddies referred to his partner as his "Significant Ursine." (Ursine is Latin for bear-like.) I joked that my partner, who is husky but not hairy, was my "Significant Non-Ursine." Which was shortened to "the SNU," and the nickname stuck. Just don't tell him I call him that.

As for my interests/likes & dislikes/etc. I'm sure you'll figure that out as this blog develops. But here's a quick summary:

- The Amazing Race
- Hair
- anything made with curry
- Indigo Girls
- books by Amy Tan

- Fear Factor
- Oklahoma! (unless Hugh Jackman is the star)
- anything made with mushrooms
- Rod Stewart
- books by Bill O'Reilly

Get the picture? If not, keep reading. I'll try to keep you interested. Sorry, no steamy stories like Washingtonienne used to write. Lucky bitch.

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